Does Paramount Plus have commercials?

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Best answer: Yes, Paramount+'s cheapest subscription costs $5.99 per month and provides access to the entire Paramount+ media library with limited commercials. If you want to skip the ads, you'll need to upgrade to the next payment tier.

Picking the best Paramount+ Plan

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The Paramount+ Limited Commercials plan is comparable to the ad-supported plans offered by most other major streaming services and currently costs just $5.99 per month ($60/year). The basic plan offers access to all content in the Paramount+ media library with limited commercials, including live NFL games, news, and entertainment.

Beginning in June 2021, the Limited Commercials plan will be replaced with a similar $5 per month plan, which will offer the same lineup of live content, but will no longer include local live CBS station programming. If you choose to sign up for the existing plan before June, you'll have continued access to the live programming moving forward.

If you'd like to avoid commercials on Paramount+, the Commercial Free plan costs $9.99 per month ($100/year) and provides access to the entire media library and all live content with no interruptions. Choosing an annual plan for either the ad-supported or ad-free tier can save you more than 15% extra on the total cost, but you will be asked to pay for the entire year up-front.

Try Paramount+ for free

Are you still not sure which plan is right for you? Thankfully, Paramount+ allows you to sign up for the seven-day Paramount+ free trial online. No matter which plan you choose, you will receive the first seven days for free.

The streaming service is currently celebrating the Paramount+ rebrand by upping its seven-day free trial to a one-month free trial through March 31. To access the free month, use the code MOUNTAIN when your sign up at

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