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Best answer: Yes, the Galaxy S10's earpiece doubles as a loudspeaker in conjunction with the bottom-firing speaker for full stereo sound. Even still, you may want to snag a Bluetooth speaker if you're after better quality.

The Galaxy S10 will sound better than most phones

We've been a bit spoiled by some phones over the years when it comes to delivering high-quality sound out of the box. I'm talking mostly about HTC's One devices, which housed BoomSound speakers that I swear were good enough to host a small party.

That superior experience hasn't inspired many other manufacturers to make the effort to fully emulate it, likely due to design constraints. But some, like Samsung, have resorted to making the ear piece double as a loudspeaker to work alongside the main speaker, which is located on the bottom of the Galaxy S10 and Galaxy S10+.

Two speakers will always be better than one, but for anything more than personal listening sessions, the Galaxy S10's dual speakers — while plenty loud and clear — may not deliver the rich sound you're looking for at all levels of the audio spectrum.

This has nothing to do with the overall quality of the phone. The size of the speakers are to blame. Because Samsung doesn't have a ton of room inside, the Galaxy S10 has to use smaller speakers. It physically can't deliver as much volume or quality as a dedicated audio device would.

Get a Bluetooth speaker for fuller sound

If you have more lofty needs, you'll want to consider buying a portable Bluetooth speaker. It'll connect to your Galaxy S10 to playback anything you fancy, and because it's wireless you can carry the phone anywhere you want within a reasonable distance and your sound can stay exactly where it's meant to be.

Ultimate Ears' BOOM 3 is a great Bluetooth speaker that fits into any scenario. We all know how great UE products sound and how beautifully weird they look. The BOOM 3's 360-degree engineering allows you to place the thing pretty much anywhere without affecting sound quality.

It's loud, with ear-thumping bass for those who really want to feel the music. As with many UE products, there's a big focus on durability, so it has a tough case that can survive being submerged in up to one meter of water for up to 30 minutes. Better for it to go in the shower with you than your Galaxy S10, we'd say.

The 15-hour battery life is also pretty killer, and if you have more UE speakers you can use them together with the companion app. This allows you to playback audio synched up across multiple speakers simultaneously, a great function for parties or if you're all over the house and don't want to haul the speaker around as you move from room to room. Pick this thing up and you might not want to use built-in speakers ever again.

Our pick

Samsung Galaxy S10

A premium device inside and out.

The Galaxy S10 is an absolute powerhouse that's deserving of your time and money. From its stunning AMOLED display, in-screen fingerprint sensor, and three rear cameras, the S10 has something for everyone.

Upgraded Sound

Ultimate Ears BOOM 3

Wet or not, this thing sounds amazing.

Ultimate Ears brings the bass with the BOOM 3. This water-resistant Bluetooth speaker is loud, durable, and lasts longer than most music-listening sessions tend to..

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