Does the Galaxy S10 come with headphones in the box?

Samsung Galaxy S10 and S10+
Samsung Galaxy S10 and S10+ (Image credit: Android Central)

Best answer: Yes, Samsung provides a pair of AKG headphones in the box with every Galaxy S10.

Both the phone and the headphones: Samsung Galaxy S10 ($750 at Samsung)

These AKG headphones are decent

There's almost nothing better in the world than getting a free pair of headphones in the box with your phone. Although many of you might already own a pair of headphones, a backup pair is always welcome, and what comes with the Galaxy S10 might even be good enough to usurp the incumbent pair.

As is typical lately, Samsung has included a pair of AKG earbuds in the box with the Galaxy S10. They're nothing special about them when it comes to function; plug them into your phone and then pop them into your ears. But AKG is a top audio brand, so these earbuds should actually sound quite decent. We know that there will be a white pair shipping with the same-colored Galaxy S10 but we don't yet know if other colors will come with matching shades.

It's a pair that uses a 3.5mm connection on a nylon-braided line, which is almost assuredly Samsung's cheeky way of tooting its own horn for keeping the analog audio dream alive. That line has a remote built-in for controlling calls and music playback. The headphones use silicone gel tips and come with two extra sets in the box if your ears aren't compatible with the standard size.

Beyond that, it's all just down to AKG tuning. These folks have been in the audio business for years, and while they're not the greatest pair of headphones in the world, they should be competent enough for most basic or emergency needs.

If you want USB-C headphones, you'll need to buy them

Like we said, Samsung isn't letting 3.5mm die just yet. If you actually prefer USB-C for your audio, the AKG headphones you get in the Galaxy S10's box just won't fit that bill.

There is one decent benefit to going USB-C for audio. The right pair — like these Xiaomi Mi earbuds — can offer active noise cancellation without the need for a battery, which means those who don't like having to charge headphones can snag these and get the same effect.

Plus, there's still that trusty old Bluetooth 5.0 connection that'll accept pretty much any wireless headphones and earbuds no problem. There are a lot of great options in that regard, including Samsung's own Galaxy Buds. And don't forget, those come with your purchase too, but only if you get in on the action early enough.

Quentyn Kennemer