Do you like the Sorta Sage color for the Pixel 5?

Google Pixel 5 Sorta Sage
Google Pixel 5 Sorta Sage (Image credit: Google)

Whenever Google launches a new Pixel phone, it's now expected that we get at least one fun color option to combat the basic Just Black that's always offered. We had Oh So Orange last year for the Pixel 4, and for the Pixel 5, we're treated to Sorta Sage.

Sorta Sage is a lot more subdued compared to Oh So Orange, featuring an earthy-green aesthetic that's rather calming and not as in-your-face as past Pixel colors have been.

Taking a look through the AC forums, most of our members are on board with this new color.

I want the Sorta Sage just for a change as every phone I've owned has been black but it's out of stock :(

Super Spartan

It is a beautiful colour. So nice, and what a refreshing change from the usual black and white.


if I did order it would be the Green. Not because its anything amazing. But anything is better than boring black IMO.


I ordered the black because I will have it in a case anyway.


What about you? Do you like the Sorta Sage color for the Pixel 5?

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