The Discord app on Android now offers a hidden AMOLED dark theme

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Discord App (Image credit: Discord)

What you need to know

  • Discord has gained a new AMOLED dark theme on Android.
  • To find the new theme, you will need to head to Settings > Appearance and then tap on the "Dark" option ten times.
  • The new AMOLED dark theme isn't limited to devices running Android 10.

The popular Discord chat service has quietly added (via XDA Developers) a new AMOLED dark theme to the latest version of its Android app. As the name of the theme suggests, it has been optimized for devices with an AMOLED display. While you are highly unlikely to notice any difference in terms of battery life, the new complely black theme may look more pleasing to you than the existing "Dark" theme.

The new AMOLED dark theme is currently available on Discord version 9.8.2 or later. To find the hidden "AMOLED optimized mode (experimental)" option, you will need to make your way to Settings > Appearance and then tap on the "Dark" option 10 times. You will then receive a toast notification saying, "Brave one, the path to darkness opens!" Then, you should be able to see the hidden option below the "Light" and "Dark" options.

Once you enable the setting, you will have to restart the app for the theme to be applied to most UI elements. Currently, however, not every single UI element is themed AMOLED dark. On the bright side, the AMOLED dark theme isn't restricted to phones running Android 10. If you have a device running Android 10, it is important to keep in mind that the theme isn't tied to Android 10's system-wide dark mode.

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Babu Mohan
News Writer