This dimmable TaoTronics desk lamp on sale for $43 has a Qi wireless charger and USB port

Taotronics Led Desk Lamp Usb
Taotronics Led Desk Lamp Usb

Sometimes it's nice to have just one device that accomplishes several different goals at once. You can get that in this TaoTronics LED desk lamp, which is on sale for $43.34 at Amazon. While there was a time in this lamp's life that it sold for around $50, it has been selling at $60 or more for most of the past year. Unfortunately, a lot of devices jumped in price in 2020 thanks to the global pandemic, but it's nice to see some of them coming back down. And today this lamp has come down to the second lowest price we've ever seen.

Includes RAVPower's HyperAir technology for wireless fast charging up to 10W with Samsung devices. Has five color temperatures and five brightness levels. Includes a night light mode, one hour timer, a rotating base, and a memory function.

The LED desk lamp has just a ton of different features. Let's talk about the lamp aspect first. It emits an even glow with flicker-free LED lights. There are five different customizable color temperature settings and five brightness settings so you can get the light just perfect for your mood or your environment. Create the ideal atmosphere for whatever you're doing.

The lamp is also easily adjustable thanks to a rotating base and adjustable body. It's flexible and capable of providing an even larger lighting area when you need it. The whole thing is foldable, too, so you can take it with you or save some space when necessary. This makes it great for smaller areas, too, like a dorm or apartment or desk with little room to spare.

What else can the lamp do? Well, for one thing that base has a Qi wireless charger built into it. You can charge any Qi-compatible device. It uses RAVPower's HyperAir technology for a fast charge and can deliver up to 7.5W power for iPhone devices and 10W for Samsung devices. If you don't have a wireless charging device or just need to charge more than one thing, there's also a 5V USB-A port built into the base.

You can light up your room, charge one device wirelessly, and keep another plugged in all from this one lamp. Other features include a one-hour timer so you can use it as a night light and a memory function so the lamp will remember its brightness setting the last time you turned it on.

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