Did the recently released limited edition T-Mobile myTouch 3G Fender really just sell out? Tmonews just received the slide above which specifically states that the myTouch 3G Fender Edition is no longer available to existing customers that want to upgrade to the device (it also states the the black myTouch 3G will also be unavailable for upgrade). The rumored reason floating around is that that the myTouch 3G Fender is out of stock at the warehouse. Meaning, yes, it is selling out.

It's a little hard to believe because as much as we liked the phone when we did our hands-on, it's still a generation behind the likes of the Nexus One. Did that many people actually pass on the Nexus One and went for the myTouch 3G Fender Edition instead? Was demand that high? Is this real? Did T-Mobile only make 1,000 units? We feel like there has to be more explanation to this story.

What do you guys think? Could the T-Mobile myTouch 3G Fender Edition really have sold out that fast?