Dell Streak coming to AT&T later this summer

We've heard that the Dell Streak, the sexy Android MID heretofore known as the Dell Mini 5, was headed to AT&T before. But haven't heard official confirmation since. Until now that is. CEO Michael Dell showed off the Streak (again) at the Citrix Synergy conference and spilled the beans for us. To quote:

"[The Streak] will be available starting next month, first with our partner 02 Telefonica in Europe, then later this summer with our pretty good partner here in the United States, AT&T." 

We've been really impressed with what we've seen in the Streak and hope that it can start a trend of awesome Android devices on AT&T. Remember, the Streak is expected to run Android 2.1 (will it be 2.2 by late summer?) and comes with a 5-inch screen, 1GHz Snapdragon processor, 5-megapixel camera and your usual slew of connectivity options. We'd complain and wonder aloud why Europe is getting it first but hey, just getting a good Android device on AT&T is good enough. [eweek via Engadget]

Casey Chan