Dell Making an Android Netbook ?

Android Netbooks seem to be all the rage these days, we've got word that even Dell is throwing their name in the mix with a possible Android-powered Netbook. The Dell Android Netbook was leaked by BSQUARE (who are supposed to be working on Flash for Android) in a press release, so it carries some weight.

To quote the press release:

Bsquare Corporation (BSQR - News), the leading software solutions provider to the global embedded device community, today announced it is porting Adobe's Flash Lite 3.17 technology onto Dell Netbooks running Google's Android platform."Integrating Adobe Flash technology with the functionality of Google's Android platform on the full range of Netbook devices will allow our OEM customers to meet the high expectations their customers have of this new industry segment," said Bsquare's CEO Brian Crowley. "As the Netbook and Nettop market segments expand, our Adobe Flash Lite port to Android is just one of the software products we will offer our OEM and ODM customers."

[via gizmodo]

  • That's great and wonderful. But when will it be coming to Android powered phones????
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