Deal: Save over 60% off the lease price of the LG V30+ or LG G6 from Sprint

Currently, Sprint if offering a sweet deal on the lease of an LG G6 for just $6/mo. or an LG V30+ for just $12/mo. Pair that with an unlimited data plan that not only includes video streaming in high definition, but 10GB of mobile hotspots and a free HULU subscription, and you've got quite the deal.

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Header Cell - Column 0 LG V30+LG G6
Retail Price$912$480
Monthly Lease$38$20
68% Off$20$6

The fine print:

  • This deal requires a new line of service activation and an 18-month lease. Well-qualified customers are eligible.
  • At the end of the 18-month lease, you have the option to buy your device. You'll pay the balance between the full price and what you've paid so far.
  • There are taxes on any device you go with and you'll have to pay that up front regardless.
  • If you cancel your service, the remaining device balance will become due.

Sprint's Unlimited Freedom Plan

If you're looking to pair up your new phone with a plan, Sprint's Unlimited Freedom is one of the cheapest on the market with 4 lines for $25/mo per line and 5th line free (until 06/30/19), with autopay. Plus Hulu is now included!

  • Unlimited talk, text, and data. Once you've reached 23GB of data, your speeds may temporarily slow down during times of high network congestion.
  • HD video, 1080p
  • 10GB of 4G mobile hotspot
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