Android tablets (and really, tablets in general) have gotten a lot less popular over the past couple of years. The last tablet that Google ever released was the Pixel C that came out back in 2015, and while it offered a great design and gorgeous display, the high price and soemtimes wonky performance made it hard to justify its $599 asking price (not to mention the extra $150 for its keyboard).

Google never really did come off of that $599 listing, but for our readers over in the United Kingdom, you've finally got a deal that just might make the Pixel C still worth it in late 2017.

Right now on the Google Store in the U.K., you can buy the Pixel C for £299 (normally £479) and the keyboard accessory for £73 (rather than £119). Along with this, buyers in France, Germany, Ireland, and other countries throughout Europe can pick up the Pixel C for slightly more at £349. There's no sale in the United States, but that's because the Pixel C is out of stock there.

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Google's likely running this discount to clear out whatever remaining units of the tablet it still has, and considering its age, we can't imagine that there will be a lot to go around. As such, if this sounds like a deal you've been waiting for, we advise acting on it as soon as you can.

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