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What you need to know

  • Days Gone received a new update today.
  • Part of the update was a Death Stranding crossover, which adds a unique BB baby tank for your bike.
  • This update comes the day before Death Stranding releases worldwide.
  • You can grab Days Gone for $34 at Amazon.

Days Gone has a new update out today, one that adds an amusing crossover. Players can decorate Deacon St. John's bike with a baby BB tank straight out of Death Stranding. You can take a quick look below at the BB tank and what it looks like on Deacon's bike.

Of course, players can also use some of the other decorations added in the update to make Deacon's bike look like Sam's bike from Death Stranding, with a sleek, high-tech appearance. There's even a Death Stranding paint job to use.

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Days Gone has received multiple updates since its release earlier this year, getting new weapons, difficulty modes and a New Game Plus mode, which lets players go through the game over again with all their skills and weapons unlocked. If you haven't played Days Gone yet and you are on the fence, our PlayStation lead and editor, Jennifer Locke, wrote a review, which you can check out here.

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Freakers are coming

Days Gone

This world comes for you

Days Gone is an open-world survival game from Bend Studio, their first console game since the PlayStation 2. As Deacon St. John, survive a world overrun by the Freaker virus and find your place in the new.

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