We've got a couple of different ways for you to save on the Samsung Galaxy S10 in here. Both deals require you to switch to a carrier and sign up on a new line of service, but they both offer vary different ways for you to save.

If you switch to Verizon, you can do a "Buy One, Get One" offer where you can get up to $750 credit applied to your account and a $200 prepaid Mastercard just for making the switch. Add any two smartphones from the Galaxy S10 lineup or the Note 10 lineup. Add at least one of the phones as a new line on an Unlimited plan. After that you'll get $750 credit applied to your monthly bill over the course of 24 months. If one of the phones is the Galaxy S10e, you'll basically get it for free with this deal since it would cost you $750 otherwise.

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Also, for one day only, you can save 50% on the Galaxy S10+ 1TB phone. If you just want one phone, this is the way to save the most because you will get $800 credited to your account over the course of 24 months. I do not think this deal stacks with the previous one.


Samsung Galaxy S10 lineup

Choose how you want to save. Buy two and get one free or just save 50% on the S10+ 1TB version.

Save up to $800

After you've actived your new phone and signed up on a new line with an Unlimited plan, visit the Verizon Promotion Center. Use the code HOLIDAYSWITCH and then fill out the rest of the info. You'll get a $200 prepaid Mastercard sent to you within eight weeks.

The Sprint deal also includes a free smartphone. If you go with Sprint, yuou can get the Samsung Galaxy S10 free just by adding a new line on the Sprint Flex Lease plan. You will get a $37.50 monthly credit applied to your bill over the course of the 18-month lease, essentially canceling the cost of the smartphone.

Free is Free

Samsung Galaxy S10 smartphone

A simple deal on a very good phone. Just switch to Sprint and sign up on the Flex Lease program and you'll get the S10 free.

Pay $0 a month

Here is everything you need to know about the Galaxy S10 and S10+, including its specs, killer features, and even roundups of the available accessories. Our big review gave it 4.5 stars out of 5 and a The Best badge. The S10 "set the bar for smartphones," and we said it "gets as close as possible to fulfilling the promise of being the best phone for the widest range of people out there."

Read about the S10e in our review and the Note 10 if you are considering going with one of those instead.

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