Crack the code and win a free Droid RAZR from Verizon and Android Central!

Here we go again, folks. We not only have one Motorola Droid RAZR in the house -- you've no doubt read our full review by now -- we've got another one, too! But the second RAZR is locked up tight in the safe you see here, and we don't have the combination! That part's up to you.

Hit the break for instructions on how to help us unlock the safe and award a brand-new Droid RAZR to one of you!

Youtube link for mobile viewing

So that's the deal. We've got four clues for the safe combination, and instructions from Verizon's operative. Here they are again, for those of you too cool to watch the video. Leave your answer in the comments of this post. First person to get it correct, wins. Good luck!

Operative's clue

Phil Nickinson