Charge on the go with iOttie's Tap 2 wireless air vent car mount on sale for $37

Iottie Tap 2 Mount
Iottie Tap 2 Mount (Image credit: Amazon)

The iOttie Tap 2 Wireless magnetic Qi wireless charging air vent mount for your car is down to $37.30 directly. That's $13 off its regular price and the first major discount we've seen on this device since March. It dropped down to around $32 in March, but that was the only other discount of the year so far, which makes today's drop a fantastic deal if you're planning to spend more time in the car anytime soon. This price is unique to the air vent mount as other versions, like the Tap 2 CD Mount, are still going for the regular price of $50.

Compatible with Qi wireless devices including iPhone and Android. Twist and lock for secure air vent connection. Comes with a dual USB car charger with one port for charging the mount and the other free to use. Uses rare Earth magnets to hold phones.

The Tap 2 is a super easy, super convenient way to get wireless charging and keep your smartphone secure while you're driving. It is a Qi Wireless compatible device, which means anything that uses Qi wireless can be charged by the mount. That includes both the iPhone and Android devices. It even has Qi Wireless Fast Charge for similarly enabled devices.

Use the alignment guide included with the Tap 2 to help you find the perfect location to place and mount the kit. You'll get your phone set at the perfect spot so you can keep it charged and use it while you're moving. The mount uses two strong rare Earth magnets to hold your smartphone in place along with the metal plate you place inside the case of your phone.

The mount also uses a "Twist and Lock" feautre that makes it super easy to install on your car's air vent. This will help keep the clip safe and secure, which means your phone won't get knocked off or jostled around.

The Tap 2 also comes with a Dual USB Car Charger. You'll use one USB port to power the Tap 2 and provide the power you need for wireless charging. The second available USB port is for you to use however you want. Charge a second device if you want.

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