Cellular South Offering HTC Hero for $99.99

We've already reported that Cellular South would be offering the Sprint-styled HTC Hero to their 5 million customers around the gulf coast. That was already surprising news to us, considering we've never heard of the carrier before. But the news gets even better, Cellular South has just announced that they will price the HTC Hero at $99.99 (after $50 mail-in-rebate) with their new Smartphone Unlimited Plan ($79.99 with unlimited talk, text, and data). That sounds like a pretty good deal to us.

Our commenters have lauded Cellular South for their great network and affordability, so we wouldn't be too afraid to jump in (if you can). You can pre-order the device on their website but there's no firm release date yet, so we'll keep a watch for you guys!

thanks for the tip Jeff!

Casey Chan
  • This goes to a question I have had before and it makes it even clearer now. Why are Android phones so expensive still with a subsidy? WM phones are at the same price with all kinds of proprietary bloat added to it. Android for all purposes is a free mobile OS, why are the handsets as expensive as they are if everything else is the same? There's no way I believe that Sprint didn't get a better deal on the Hero than Cellular South but still they are selling it for 80 bucks more? I call shenanigans
  • Pre-Ordered mine yesterday! Can't wait!
  • sprint is still the best deal at $10 less a month. I'm getting my sprint htc hero this sunday!
  • Me too! I reserved mine's at Best Buy... AND here's a little secret info... I was curious about whether Best Buy would honor their price match guarantee on cellular phones. So I called my local Best Buy and spoke to "Jim' in the mobile department and he said as long as you bring a copy of the ad, that they would match the instant "out the door" price... meaning the $149.99. He said they won't honor the $99.99, but that's fine! I'll take $149.99 over $179.99 any day! But, I assume this is for new activations only, which I am a customer converting from T-Mobile... :-( I just clicked on the link that takes you to Cellular South's page displaying the HTC Hero and printed that page and I will be bringing that in on Sunday.
  • Sprint's plan is $69.99 and DOES NOT allow unlimited calls to home phones (land lines). You only get 450 minutes. There's always a catch. And at 45 cents for each minute over 450 minutes, thousands of customers are going to be highly upset about that plan.
  • Also, looking at the Cellular South page, you get the 2nd smartphone plan at 50%. So that's 2 unlimited smartphones for $60/month.
  • That is correct. The CS plan includes everything unlimited. To compare the $69 sprint plan, you would drop to the $49 cell south plan that includes unlimited data with 500 anytime minutes.
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  • Cellular South offers a plan that is $50 a month for unlimited email, web and text with 500 minutes anytime. Sounds like a better deal than Sprint if you live in the right region. The only drawback is that you have to live in the Southeast area of the US.
  • I pre-ordered mine through cellular south last week! Super Happy but keeping my BBerry close by
  • ny updated on why the Cellular South HTC Hero didnt release on 11/02 as planned or is there any updates on when it will release yet and hopefully this week ???? Keeping my fingers crossed.....
  • Went into a local Cellular South store in Jackson, MS. The rep said that the device would release on November 2nd. skm
  • I am hearing the Hero will release on November 6th for Cell South stores. Cellsouth usually posts via Twitter the night before a phone is released. So keep checking the CellSouth Twitter page to know when the phone is released.