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Verizon and T-Mobile offer to help furloughed federal employees

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The United States federal government has been partially shut down since December 22, 2018, furloughing hundreds of thousands of federal employees for the Christmas holidays and now a week into the new year. As this shutdown becomes the third-longest in US history, those employees are facing a growing pile of bills that they may or may not have personal savings to cover in the absence of their paycheck.

T-Mobile and Verizon are offering to help lessen the burden of these workers' wireless bills.


T-Mobile announced on January 5 it is ready to help (opens in new tab) federal employees directly impacted by the shutdown by offering deferred and flexible payments:

Customers who are Federal government employees and need short-term account assistance can work with T-Mobile Customer Care representatives on solutions tailored to meet their needs, including flexible payment options that allow customers to spread their service payments over time. Payment deferral is also an option. T-Mobile is offering the same support to government account customers.

To discuss how T-Mobile can help, customers who are Federal employees or Federal government account customers need to call T-Mobile Customer Care (611 from a T-Mobile device or 1-877-746-0909 from any phone).


Verizon announced on January 7 that it has the back (opens in new tab) of federal employees, offering flexible payment plans.

Verizon is standing by to help with flexible payment options to keep your service running. Our Promise to Pay program allows you to set a future date for payment quickly and easily.

You can set up a promise to pay arrangement in the My Verizon app, or in My Verizon with your smartphone, tablet or computer browser. Any government employee customer impacted by the shutdown can utilize any of these self service tools or speak with one of our financial services representatives for further assistance at 1-866-266-1445.

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  • Sorry if this sounds harsh, but I don't remember carriers offering these kinds of things to people laid off in the private sector. Federal employees are compensated much better by and large than for the same work level in the private sector. And, they still get pensions. I'm not gonna cry for government employees. They'll get all their money back when this thing ends, hopefully with a wall.
  • When was the last time a company in the private sector expected nearly a million employees to work without pay until further notice? Getting laid off is an entirely different situation.
  • Nobody forced them to work for the government. Last I checked, I too pay taxes, I vote, and I want the wall built. If Democrats don't care about our national sovereignty, then the government can stay shut down for years. I don't care, and the longer it goes, the more people will realize that they shouldn't care either. The government is too big, and wastes too much as it is. Shut er down, or build the wall.
  • Get over it, they ain't building it lol this is tech were on, go cry your politics somewhere else
  • As soon as Mexico's check clears...
  • Speaking as one of those employees who is deemed "essential" and is working without knowing when my next paycheck is going to be, I think this is fantastic. I wonder how long most people would be willing to work at their jobs with only IOUs for compensation. Feel worse for those who have been forced off the past 3 weeks with no promise of pay for that time period. As the largest employer in the US, holding the country hostage and destroying the livelihood of your employees in the process should be abhorrent.
  • Nobody put a gun to your head to make you work for the government. I just have zero sympathy for government workers. They get paid more than in the private sector, living off of tax dollars earned predominantly by private sector workers. You get more time off, holidays, and just about any other benefit than in the private sector. Go earn your living in the private sector if your government job with it's furloughs that all get paid back is so hard. You're just not gonna get any sympathy from me.
  • Nobody forced you to work in the private sector either. If you think government workers are so much better compensated you should join them.
  • Well doesn't my week get worse and worse. First, no paycheck and then no sympathy from Scott. I'll have to go cry into the huge amounts of cash I have stuffed in my mattress now. Hopefully I don't move too suddenly and make that gun that's forcing me to take this job go off.
  • I was with you until you said wall.. Sad
  • The difference between offering help to government and employees and private sector employees is that companies know that the government employees will be paid retroactively. Once they reopen the gov't and employees get their back pay, they will have the money to pay the back bills, as well as the (then) current ones. Can you say that for the private sector as well?
  • Mexico is building the wall according to Trump.
  • *paying for. Which they're not. There will never be a wall.
  • I protest that an earlier comment of mine was removed probably due to political overtones. However these remaining comments are politically charged as well. Way to be biased and unfair AC.
  • One man's idea of being biased and unfair, is another's idea of fairness, and controlling "hate speech", whatever that is. I'm sure you're just as upset when conservatives are banned from leftist platforms like YouTube, Facebook, and Twitter because their "politically charged" statements don't align with the left's politically charged ideology, right?
  • How have not drowned in pool of your own tears yet? Take a deep breath and repeat, nobody cares about you or what you think. Whether on YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, AC or otherwise. Nobody is banning anything anywhere.. The only time comments get banned if they insight violence. Come out of the basement when you're ready to grow up. We will embrace you, faults and all.
  • I may not agree with what you say but I'll defend to the death your right to say it.
  • Back at cha pops