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Best answer: No, you can only have one user account per Oculus Quest. A method to add multiple users using sideloaded Android settings was seemingly patched out by Oculus shortly after it was discovered, and no new method has been found at the time of this writing.

Mi Quest es su Quest

Separate accounts on most gaming consoles enable different players to have their own settings, saves, friends lists, and (for children) blocked content. Despite Quest owners clamoring for multiple accounts since it was released — and despite Oculus telling UploadVR the company was "exploring multi-account support" in May of 2019 — no such support has emerged. Your only option to switch accounts is to factory reset your Quest and choose a new account during the startup process.

This is a particular problem for parents who want to share the Quest with their children. Unless you have it set to cast to your TV, your child could delete your save files or switch from Beat Saber to the more mature titles in your library without you seeing what they're up to. Even owners sharing their Quest with adult friends or partners could run into issues due to the lack of a guest mode.

Oculus' "solution" to this problem would likely be to buy a new Quest for every family member that wants one. Multiple Quests can be linked up to one account, so you won't have to rebuy games. With hardware shortages and online retailers cranking up prices in response, though, it's not a great solution for most folks with limited budgets. Plus, two Quests can't play multiplayer games together online, since you both register as the same online user.

The (obsolete) Sideload hack

Earlier this year, YouTube channel Tyco Tech found a method to add multiple accounts to the Oculus Quest by enabling Developer Mode and using Sideloading to access the Quest's built-in Android system settings. From there, you could create a new user profile, which would then take you to the same Oculus Home page you see when first setting up a Quest. At that point, you could choose to sign in with the same Oculus account as on your primary profile or a new Oculus account, though this would mean you'd have to rebuy games you already own.

There were minor flaws with this hack. For example, different profiles using the same Oculus account could not have different online profiles in games. Plus, you had to pretend to download games twice so that the new profile could see games already downloaded on the old profile. Still, even a hobbled second account was exciting for users comfortable with modding their Quest.

Unfortunately, shortly after this workaround was found, Oculus released the v13 patch, which (either purposefully or unintentionally) hobbled the hack. Now, once you create a new user profile, you'll likely receive an error message and won't be transported to the Oculus Home screen. Worse, some users that previously added new profiles ran into major dashboard glitches once they downloaded v13, and in some cases had to factory reset their Quests. At the time of publication, we could not replicate this sideload hack ourselves.

Sideloaders are a resourceful bunch, and if another solution is found, we'll update this post. Just keep in mind that while Oculus is typically open-minded to Quest hacking, we believe it will actively patch out workarounds to its one device one account policy, which could wipe out any new profiles or save files you create.

One account per family

Oculus Quest

Oculus Quest

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The Oculus Quest offers an untethered and straightforward introduction for consumers that don't want to worry about buying or building a VR-ready PC. It can easily be shared between friends and family, and cast to a TV, for a social VR experience. You'll just have to be comfortable with sharing saves and high scores with siblings and roommates.

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