Best answer: Yes, the Echo Show 5 allows you to enjoy various streaming video sources. You can stream video from Amazon Prime, or news from Reuters and NBC, using just voice commands. However, some other video services require a few extra steps to watch.

So how can I stream video on the Echo Show 5?

You can enjoy streaming video from hundreds of sources on Amazon's new Echo Show 5 through built-in and available skills, downloaded from Amazon either over the Echo Show 5 itself, through the Amazon site, or over your Alexa app. We've already done a complete review of the Amazon Echo Show 5, and it is clear Amazon learned what needs to go into their devices. While most applications and services will work with Alexa voice control, some require a more hands-on approach to stream clips and video.

What services can I stream video on the Amazon Echo Show 5?

While Amazon Prime Video is a natural fit for the Amazon Echo Show 5, it is far from the only streaming video service available. Users can catch up on their favorite Twitch streams, watch all the great programming on Hulu, check out videos from Daily Motion and Vimeo, and even learn something new with clips from WikiHow and the Food Network, and much more.

The Streaming Player skill will give you access to a long list of available feeds from various television channels big and small, regionally and internationally. Catch up with your local news and weather, before switching over to the latest breaking story from half a world away, without ever touching a remote or signing up for more subscription services.

How can I watch streaming services that do not offer a skill for the Amazon Echo Show 5?

For those few services without the Echo skill, such as Netflix or Youtube, there is an easy way to avoid missing out on your favorite shows and channels. Simply open Silk, the pre-loaded browser already available on the Echo, by saying "Alexa, open Silk" and proceed to their respective sites as you would on a PC, like, and enjoy access to their full and ever-expanding library.

A deal to bring Youtube back to the FireTV service, however, may lead to a Youtube skill being available to Echo Show 5 users soon. We will be sure to keep you updated as soon as it drops.

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