Blink and you'll miss these security camera deals starting at just $28

Blink Outdoor Camera Hero
Blink Outdoor Camera Hero (Image credit: Blink)

Secure your home and save some money with discounted Blink security camera kits at Amazon. There are various deals on offer there including price drops on the already affordable Blink Mini, premium Blink Outdoor camera kits, and the all-new Blink Indoor cams.

These are the biggest price drops we have seen to date outside of holiday sales and the first major price drop on the Indoor cams since their release.

Amazon is offering a bunch of deals on Blink cameras right now including the first major price drops on the all-new Blink Indoor cams. Prices start at just $28 for the Blink Mini and you can save up to 29% on bundles.

At up to 28% off, the Blink Outdoor cameras are designed to be used outside your home without a worry. They are completely wireless, which makes them easy to setup and easy to place wherever you need an extra set of eyes. Because they are battery-powered, they are designed to be as efficient as possible with said battery and can make it last for up to two years.

You also won't have to worry about the weather or extreme temperatures with these cameras. They are weather-resistant can survive rain, snow, or sun. With infrared night vision, they can work in the day or night, too, so you can always get clear video of who's around and motion detection means you can be alerted when needed.

The new Blink Indoor stands alone among battery-powered security cameras with an absurd four-year lifespan on four AA batteries with the optional Battery extender. Blink has also added new privacy zones, temperature monitoring, and a local storage option to avoid cloud storage fees. Blink Indoor camera kits are up to 29% off in this sale.

Blink Mini, down to just $27.99 in this deal, has one of the lowest costs for a quality indoor camera you'll ever find, and it still matches its new indoor counterpart in resolution, FPS, and other important benchmarks. It comes with a stand or can be mounted on a wall, but must be plugged into an outlet to work.

The cameras work with Amazon Alexa-enabled devices, too, like the Echo Show 5. You can control your cameras with your voice or view a live feed if your device has a display. They also all have two-way audio so you can communicate with whoever is inside or outside of your home via your phone or Echo devices.

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