This Black Friday deal makes one of our favorite Roku streamers even more affordable

Roku Premiere
Roku Premiere (Image credit: Android Central)

Black Friday is a great time to find deals on streaming devices like the Roku Premiere. The Roku Premiere is one of our favorite streaming sticks, and right now, you can save $10 thanks to this early Black Friday deal at Best Buy. The Roku Premier delivers powerful 4K resolution, yet it is small and unobtrusive to not distract your viewing experience. It comes with the It comes with Roku's beloved remote, for the new low price of just $30.

We love streaming devices, particularly affordable little sticks like the Roku Premiere 4K, that delivers unbelievable pictures and content for a low price. While the new Amazon Fire TV Sticks and Chromecast with Google TV have gotten all the attention over the past several months, Roku makes arguably the best value in streaming media players in the Roku Premiere 4K.

If you're not already invested in the Amazon Fire or Google/Android TV ecosystems, Roku is a great choice for the "platform agnostic." Roku offers nearly every major streaming service, including some that are not available on Google TV or Amazon Fire TV, such as NBC's Peacock service, as well as thousands of other apps and channels offering free or low-cost content.

But the Roku experience is not just about the content; it's about the user interface. One of the reasons consumers love Roku devices is how dead simple they are to get set up, navigate, and use. Plus, Roku's remotes are some of the best in the industry. True, they may look simple, but it's that simplicity that makes them so useful. You have CEC controls, big, clickable buttons, shortcuts to major services like Netflix and Hulu, and even an instant replay button. If you do ever lose or misplace your remote, you can always download the Roku remote app on your Android or iOS device and continue controlling your content that way.

Jeramy Johnson

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