BeyondPod on Android Auto

BeyondPod is one of the original podcatchers for Android, and it currently lives in the 1 million to 5 million downloads category on Google Play. It's a regular on our list of the best podcast apps for Android. And with the addition of support for Android Auto, it's now available in your car.

BeyondPod has always been one of the more full-featured podcatchers out there, with a host of settings and options available. Once you plug into your car, however, things are much more simple. That is, so long as you're not subscribed to 3,000 shows. The top level of the menu system — and as is the case with all Android Auto apps, BeyondPod is constrained to Google's design for Android Auto — has just a couple listings: Categories and Feeds. What's within those two levels depends on what all you've subscribed to. BeyondPod isn't my usual podcatcher, so I've got just a few feeds added, and thus just a few categories listed. Both the categories and feeds level will show you how many episodes are remaining therein. And if you've drilled all the way down into an individual show, you'll see the date, how much time is remaining if you've started the episode but hopped away to something else, and the date it was published.

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The Now Playing screen is also extremely simple. You've got play/pause, current feed listing, forward/back and the overflow menu. Tap the latter and you'll be taken to a reddish-orange bar that just has rewind/skip buttons. That seems a long way to go for that, but at least it's there. And one weird bug we've found on the now playing screen is that you won't get an indicator for how much of the podcast has past, and how much remains (the little sliver between the album art and the white of the buttons section) unless you start an episode, leave it for another one and then return. Odd.

BeyondPod probably isn't my favorite podcatcher for Android Auto. I think PocketCasts still owns that spot. But if you're a BeyondPod lover who's been waiting to get it into your car on Android Auto, that time is now.

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