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Best wireless chargers for Pixel 4 in 2022

"What's the best Pixel 4 wireless charger?" That's a surprisingly difficult question to answer. After being hobbled on the Pixel 3, Google has answered our prayers and made the Pixel 4 more widely compatible with fast Qi charging by supporting 10W charging on far more chargers through the Extended Power Profile, but finding EPP chargers has needed a decoder ring and a fair amount of luck, but I think we've cracked it with this group. There are plenty of excellent wireless chargers out there. And whether you prefer vertical stands that you can use with Motion Sense's swift face unlocking and flat pads, there are ample options now for the Pixel 4. 

These are the best Pixel 4 wireless chargers

FINALLY! We can use more regular Qi chargers for fast-charging the Pixel 4! This is awesome for so many reasons, but mostly because that means you can save some money buying chargers that aren't 80 bucks like the Pixel Stand! The Anker PowerWave Alloy is compact and affordable while still giving us the fast charging we want, and Anker is a name we trust to the moon and back. Even better, unlike 90% of the Qi chargers on the market, you can use Power Delivery, so you won't have to go hunting for an older Qualcomm QuickCharge wall adapter to power it at top speed.

If you're looking for a stand but don't feel like paying big bucks for Google's version, Yootech's 15W stand is a great alternative that should be able to fast-charge just about every phone you throw at it. Plus, the built-in fan should keep things from overheating when you're charging for long periods. Getting one of the best wireless chargers doesn't mean breaking the bank.

 I like stands for the living room and the office where I can perch my phone next to my laptop or my drink coaster, whereas flat pads are great for the bedroom where they'll keep the screen from shining into your face if you get a notification in the middle of the night.

The best Pixel 4 wireless charger will juice up your device quickly, is compact and affordable, and has a sleek design. And all of these fit the bill. Once you've chosen the right wireless charger, consider grabbing some other great accessories for the Google Pixel 4.

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