Best Webcam Lighting 2020: Improve your Zoom calls Android Central 2021

As more and more meetings are being held virtually, Zoom has become a new best friend. That also means you should have a nice set-up at home so you can look good and be seen clearly by colleagues and clients as you chat. Lighting is part of that equation. To offer a softer color temperature and overall nicer experience for those looking on, the best webcam lighting can help. Here are some great options.

Lume Cube Video Conference Lighting Kit

Everything you need: Lume Cube Video Conference Lighting Kit

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Get everything you'll need in this kit, including a light with adjustable brightness, adjustable color temperature from warm orange to cool white, a built-in frosted lens, and a white diffuser. Use the suction cup computer mount to secure it to your laptop or desktop monitor. The battery lasts for hours or plug it into the computer's USB port for continuous lighting.

Fdkobe Video Conference Lighting Kit

Travel-friendly: FDKOBE Video Conferencing Lighting Kit

The included carry bag and lightweight design make this kit the perfect option to take with you if you're working from various locations. It offers adjustable brightness and color temperature and comes with a suction cup mount with 180-degree adjustable joints. With up to a 15-hour battery life, lighting can last through a week (or two!) of virtual Zoom calls before needing a recharge.

$36 at Amazon
Yarrashop Computer Ring Light

Multi-uses: Yarrashop Computer Ring Light

If you're into other activities like vlogging, applying make-up, taking selfies, or snapping professional-looking product shots, this is a good option. Rather than securing to your computer via a suction mount, the extendable stand can go from 16 inches all the way up to 23 inches and rotate 360 degrees to position how you want it. With three lighting modes and 10 brightness levels, a rotatable phone holder adds to its versatility.

$38 at Amazon
Pictron Zoom Lighting

Circular style: PICTRON Zoom Lighting

For a more stylish option, this circular device creates an exclusive eye light that's secured via a suction cup mount and comes with a diffuser for soft lighting. Adjust the brightness and color temperature and use it for up to 10 hours per charge, or plug it in via USB to keep it going indefinitely.

$30 at Amazon
Feiyen Light Video Conferencing

Comes with tripod: FeiYen Light for Video Conferencing

Use this webcam light in the traditional way via a suction cup or with the adjustable tripod that can extend from 12-30 inches tall for positioning how you want it. Like other options on this list, it has adjustable brightness and color temperature, and a frosted lens to soften lighting. It also runs from a built-in battery and uses Type-C USC charging.

$41 at Amazon
Angetube Streaming Webcam Built In Light Ring

Webcam included: Angetube Streaming 1,080p HD Webcam with Built-in Light Ring

Get a light ring and upgrade to HD video at the same time. Along with three brightness levels are dual noise-canceling mics to help filter out background noise so Zoom meeting participants won't only see but also hear you better. Working as a fill light in dim light, this webcam with ring light is great for those who work during the day and game at night.

$44 at Amazon

Which webcam lighting makes sense for you?

With more and more people working from home nowadays, having a good webcam set-up is essential. The best webcam lighting for you will depend on a number of factors. If you're looking for a straight-up great lighting kit for Zoom calls, you can't go wrong with the Lume Cube Video Conference Lighting Kit. It has everything you'd need to improve the lighting in the room, presenting yourself with a more natural skin tone and eliminating the harsh or too dark lighting that often plagues video conferencing.

If you're going from your home to the office or even the local coffee shop to hold your Zoom calls, you might appreciate an option like the FDKOBE Video Conference Lighting Kit, which comes with a handy travel case.

For those who don't just want a lighting kit for Zoom calls but could make use of one for everything from their make-up tutorial videos to snapping more professional-looking photos of their artwork or homemade dishes for social media, the Yarrashop Computer Light Ring might make more sense. You can't secure it to the laptop screen or desktop monitor like the others, but if you have the room, you can just position it behind your computer when needed for that purpose, extending it to the right height. And the included phone holder gives you the versatility to use it on the go as well.

Finally, you might want to consider killing two birds with one one stone and grabbing the Angetube Streaming 1,080p HD Webcam with Built-in Light Ring. It's comparable in price to the other lighting products on their own but also replaces your computer's webcam with a high-definition one and improves audio as well via dual noise cancelling mics. It's a good option if you're using an old computer that doesn't have an HD webcam built-in.

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