Best webcam lighting 2022: Improve your Zoom calls

As more and more work-related meetings are held virtually, Zoom has become a helpful tool for many people. But not every room in your home comes with the best lighting, which means you need a nice set-up so your colleagues can see you clearly and clients can connect with you visually as you chat. Lighting is a huge part of that equation offering softer color temperatures and an overall better experience. So for those looking for the best webcam lighting, here are some of our favorite options.

Which webcam lighting makes sense for you?

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Nowadays, a good webcam is essential with more people working from home. The best webcam lighting for you will depend on several factors. If you're looking for a great lighting kit for Zoom calls, you can't go wrong with the Lume Cube Video Conference Lighting Kit. It has everything you'd need to improve the lighting in the room, presenting yourself with a more natural skin tone and eliminating the harsh or too dark lighting that often plagues video conferencing.

If you're going from your home to the office or even the local coffee shop to hold your Zoom calls, you might appreciate an option like the FDKOBE Video Conference Lighting Kit, which comes with a handy travel case.

We love the HumanCentric lighting kit concept, which is perfect when using a large monitor and feels like a single, small light just doesn't do the trick.

Finally, you might consider killing two birds with one stone and grabbing the Angetube Streaming 1,080p HD Webcam with Built-in Light Ring. It's comparable in price to the other lighting products on their own but also replaces your computer's webcam with a high-definition one and improves audio as well via dual noise-canceling mics. It's a good option if you're using an old computer that doesn't have an HD webcam built-in.

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