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In today's world, we've gotten used to seeing the weather change with little or no notice. From flash floods and hurricanes to knowing precisely how hot — or cold — it is outside, having an app on your side can make all the difference. There are plenty of weather apps available from Google Play, but we've got the best of the bunch for you here!

Today Weather

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TodayWeather is a relative newcomer to the weather app scene, but it has made quite the impression on users and Google alike, who picked it as a Best of 2017. The app's UI is simple, easy-to-understand, and a black as an abyss. In short: it's wonderful.

The app will greet you by name and then display weather information for our given locations from one of five user-selectable sources including Weather Underground, AccuWeather, and, a Norwegian forecasting service that can produce more accurate forecasts for many parts of the world that aren't America. If you're looking for a weather app that's black as night and will help you see what's coming on a dark and stormy night, then Today Weather is for you.

Download: Today Weather (free, in-app purchases)

Yahoo Weather

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Yahoo takes the honor in this humble writer's eyes for being the prettiest weather app, but when it comes to weather apps, pretty can't be all it has. Yahoo Weather is powered by Weather Underground, so its forecasts and data have the accuracy of its nationwide network of personal weather stations.

The background images for the app are pulled from Flickr, Yahoo's picture service, so if you're looking at picturesque locations like New York City or Walt Disney World, you're likely to get a new and beautiful image every time to go into the app. If you're in a more remote location, those pictures will be more generic. The layout for Yahoo Weather is nice if you like to check multiple locations quickly, as you scroll up and down for the data about one location, then scroll side to side to switch between locations.

Download: Yahoo Weather (free)

Dark Sky

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Dark Sky is one of the most popular weather apps available, its claim to fame is that its "hyperlocal" accuracy can tell you within minutes of when it's actually going to rain. In addition to that, it's got your basic weather information — current temperature, highs, and lows, what it actually feels like, etc. You also get precipitation information, wind speed, humidity, and UV index.

You can get detailed information on the week ahead, hour by hour. A handy map feature shows you where the rain (and snow) is worldwide, at any given time. And you've got a wealth of notification options, including a daily summary, next-hour precipitation, severe weather alerts, and custom alerts based on your own variables. Dark Sky also features a dedicated do not disturb mode so you won't be bothered in the middle of the night (but as someone living in Tornado Alley, I highly advise against it).

Download: Dark Sky (free)


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1Weather has always been a beautiful weather app, featuring one of the best dark themes we have encountered… but that dark theme is now broken up with Material Design's bland white cards. These cards aren't quite as themeable as the rest of the app, but you can change the background theme, you can change the icon set from white to black, and you can theme the widgets a multitude of ways… but we can't switch the cards from white back to that beautiful black.

Functionally, there are very few flaws we've found in our extended use of 1Weather, and most of them can be attributed to the horizontal, tabbed layout 1Weather uses, such as the disconnect between reaching the map and interacting with it, as you have to tap an expand button before you can zoom or move the map. There are ads in 1Weather that can be removed with a one-time in-app purchase. It even has Android Wear support, though rather than an app it comes in the form of three-card notifications for current conditions and immediate forecast and one-card notifications for alerts, each with customized background images.

Download: 1Weather (free, in-app purchases)


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You might be using Accuweather right now on your Android, whether you know it or not. The longtime weather service powers the weather data on many apps and widgets, including those pre-loaded on many handsets by manufacturers. They use Accuweather for a reason: it's dependable and damn accurate.

And why should you use Accuweather? That accuracy here is combined with a clean, concise app that is easy to navigate and easy to understand. The Minutecast is scarily accurate and it's hard to leave Accuweather for a weather app without it. Whether you just want to know when the rain is coming or when the temperatures will change to something a little more manageable to run errands and walk your dog, Accuweather's got your back.

Download: AccuWeather (Free, in-app purchases)

What's your favorite?

Do you have a favorite app for making sure you've got an accurate read on the weather? Is there an excellent app we should have included on this list? Let us know about it in the comments below!

Updated January 2018: We've updated this list to add Today Weather.