Best Wallet Cases for Samsung Galaxy Note 20 Ultra Android Central 2021

At its impressive size, it's no surprise that the best Note 20 Ultra wallet cases come in a similarly impressive diversity of styles. You can carry your cash and cards however you want, from classic folding folios to more avant-garde card slot and money clips like the unique and uniquely fabulous Ghostek Exec. Here are the best wallet cases for your new Galaxy Note 20 Ultra.

Ghostek Exec Note 20 Ultra Case

Removable wallet: Ghostek Exec

Staff pick

This iconic case allows you to ditch the wallet when you're just palling around at home. It also detaches so you can wirelessly charge at night and then re-connect it to use with your magnetic car mount. The card clip here can hold up to four cards or cash.

$30 at Amazon
Fyy Leather Wallet Note 20 Ultra Case

Keep it safe: FYY RFID-Blocking Wallet

This cowhide leather wallet case has some high-tech secrets within it thanks to an RFID-blocking layer that should keep someone from secretly scanning your credit card. It's available in five colors and holds up to three cards plus cash.

$30 at Amazon
Spigen Slim Armor Cs Note 20 Ultra Case

Snap to it: Spigen Slim Armor CS

Spigen's wallet case conceals a couple cards or a tiny bit of cash under a card slot that sits flush with the back of this heavy duty case. It also comes in three colors to perfectly match each Note 20 Ultra colorway. We think the Bronze is especially fetching.

$17 at Amazon
Samsung Note20 Led Wallet Cover Render

Go digital: Samsung LED Wallet

This case only has a single slot that can fit up to two credit cards, but it makes up for that with an LED matrix embedded into the top of the folio, so you can see the time and some notifications without having to open it up. It's available in three colors to match each Note 20 Ultra.

Case-Mate Leather Wallet Note 20 Ultra Case

Begone bacteria!: Case-Mate Leather Wallet

This impressively-packed wallet case has slots for four cards plus cash, and the whole thing has an anti-microbial coating that should help it avoid getting funky after months of sweat and fingerprint oils soaking into the leather.

$60 at Amazon
Goospery Card Holder Note 20 Ultra Case

Uniquely covert: GOOSPERY Card Holder

This unique card-concealing case is thinner than your usual folio fare, and it's not as obviously a wallet case because the entire back folds open like a secret door, and you can combine it with a credit card inside to convert into a kickstand.

$15 at Amazon

Why the Ghostek Exec is the best Note 20 Ultra wallet case

There's a wide variety of wallet case styles out there from folios to card slots and everything in between, but I'm a big fan of the Ghostek Exec because it lets you have your cake and eat it, too. When you're out and about, you can keep the wallet clipped to the back so everything stays together, but while you're at home and just using your case on the couch, you can leave the wallet in the bedroom with your car keys and enjoy a nice compact case. The detachable wallet also lets the Exec be both magnetic mount compatible and Qi charging compatible, something that's really, really rare.

If you prefer you wallet cases more traditional, the FYY RFID-Blocking Wallet Case is a genuine leather option that both looks good and keeps things secure thanks to the RFID blocking material, which shouldn't interfere with NFC when using Samsung Pay or Google Pay. The color options here are also cooler than the traiditonal browns and blacks, with blue, purple, and red colorways available.

There's plenty of other excellent Note 20 Ultra cases our there if you want something less bulky and more suave, but I'm happy that we've got such a great variety of wallet cases to choose from this year.

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