Best Wallet Cases for Moto G7 Android Central 2022

The Moto G7 is a surprisingly good phone for its price, leaving you plenty of money left over to buy a quality case. When it comes to protection and functionality, folio wallet cases are among the best options for protecting your phone, given that the front cover protects your phone's display when it's in your pocket. They also look quite nice often made from premium leather and adds a touch of class to any phone while also letting you cut down your pocket carry.

Leather look without the guilt: ICARERCASE Vegan Leather Wallet Case

Staff pick

Made out of high-quality faux leather, this case features gorgeous stitching, card slots to hold up to three cards, and a magnetic closure to keep everything safe and secure. It's a great option that's available at a decent price.

$14 at Amazon

One of a kind: Yogurt Genuine Leather Case

As cool as these cases look in a picture, they'll look even better in person. Handcrafted with genuine leather, each case is uniquely special and will age over time from the oils from your hand. On the inside, you get three card slots.

$29 at Amazon

Mirror Mirror in my case: fitmore Mirror Wallet Case

This folio case lets you see your precious face. It also includes a pivoting card holder so you can keep your phone covered while you access your payment cards, a spot for a family photo, and a pocket for your cash.

$9 at Amazon

Carry it all: Harryshell Detachable Magnetic Wallet Case

For anyone who's wallet is overflowing with cards, this is the wallet case for you. You're able to fit up to 12 cards here along with three money pockets. The phone case portion is held on magnetically so that you can pop the phone out for longer phone calls.

$13 at Amazon

A different hand feel: Foluu Canvas Wallet Case

Don't like the look of leather? Give these canvas wallet cases a gander! Available in three color styles, these cases include three card slots along with a pocket for storing cash while the phone case part has a raised lip to protect the display.

$9 at Amazon

Premium looks: HOOMIL PU Leather Wallet Case

With a crisp finish and an all-black exterior with a brown leather interior, this case is pretty great if you're okay settling for two card slots. A great choice for an iconic look.

$13 at Amazon

It's all folio for the Moto G7

Typically we like to spice our wallet case roundups up with some non-traditional offers that aren't just another variation on the same folio wallet style. Unfortunately, the brands that would typically make those types of cases haven't made one for the Moto G7 — and may never will. This is the fate of many budget-tier smartphones.

The good news is that there's still a decent variety of wallet cases to choose from. The ICARERCASE is our top pick for providing all the features you want from a quality wallet case along with vegan leather materials that look and feel like the real thing. If you're after a wallet case made with genuine leather, consider the hand-crafted cases from Yogurt. Choose a more traditional tanned leather look or indulge in some beautifully colored leather that will continue to age as you use the case.

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