Best wallet cases for the Galaxy S7 edge

Most wallet cases feature a cover that folds over to protect the screen of your Galaxy S7 edge. This tends to add a bit of bulk, but since most wallet cases have room for cards and cash, it's a great way to be able to leave your wallet at home. So in the long run your pocket or purse will feel a bit lighter.

These are our picks for best wallet cases for your Samsung Galaxy S7 edge.

Spigen Wallet S

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The Spigen Wallet S seems to have a little bit of everything. Enough card slots to be useful (there are three), a design that doesn't make the phone feel much bigger, and a great-fitting polycarbonate shell that the Galaxy S7 edge is able to snap into effortlessly.

This case continues to impress with its ability to use the case as a kickstand. So you can prop it up to watch videos or play games without having to hold the phone yourself.

It's important to note that the clasp on the front doesn't have a place to go when the case is open, which can be a source of annoyance when trying to type on the phone.

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Wenbelle two-material wallet case

This case looks sharp and stylish, with the two-toned faux leather exterior standing out amongst the other entries on this list. It also keeps your S7 edge's profile relatively slim.

On the inside, you'll find three card slots, including a see-through slot for your ID, and a pocket for some cash. Everything on the inside is made with a soft material to protect your S7 edge from scratch damage, with the phone held in place and protected by the internal polycarbonate shell.

This case is available in three color options — blue, brown, and gray — and they are all quite stylish in their own right.

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Snugg leather wallet case

The Snugg leather wallet case is the thinnest wallet case that we have come across. It doesn't seem to add much extra weight to your Galaxy S7 edge or feel much thicker in your hand. This is no easy feat when you are talking about wallet cases as they are typically thick in nature.

The Snugg case has more than enough room to fit your most important wallet items, and it also has a kickstand feature, making it easy to rest your case down and enjoy hands-free viewing in landscape mode.

It has a magnetic clasp, much like other wallet cases. However, this clasp also attaches to the back of the case, which means you always have full view of the screen and that darn clasp stays out of your way.

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VRS Design Damda Clip series

This entry into our roundup is unique. It's not what you would call a traditional wallet case, since it doesn't wrap around the phone and cover the screen. However, the most important of part of a wallet case is its pockets.

Instead of having multiple card slots on the inside, the Damda Clip series has a small slot on the back between the hard polycarbonate back cover and the silicone casing.

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Moze wallet case

The Moze wallet case looks basic enough upon first glance; however, it has three card slots and a transparent slot that is perfect for your ID. If you are looking for a wallet case that can truly replace your wallet this would be the clear winner.

This case has plenty of features that are standard on most wallet cases. It can convert into a kickstand and it has a magnetic clasp to keep everything from falling out. A unique feature of this case is its small, detachable wristband.

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rooCase Prestige Wallet Case

The Prestige has all the bells and whistles that you could want from a wallet case, with three card slots, a pocket to carry your cash, and a magnetic clasp that attaches to the front to keep it all together.

The Prestige is a little different than most wallet cases because it's a two-piece design. The phone sits in a polycarbonate shell that attaches to the synthetic leather case via magnets, making it easy to take out your Galaxy S7 edge if you need. For example, wallet cases can make it difficult to takes photos because the cover can get in the way of the rear camera, but you won't have that problem with the Prestige, because you can easily pop your phone in and out of the case.

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Wallet cases are a great way to keep all of your important things together in one place. Having cash, cards, and your ID all in your phone case can be a great way to make your pockets or purse as light as possible. If you don't see a case here you like, you can always see our roundup of the best Samsung Galaxy Edge cases.

Luke Filipowicz