Best Cases for Galaxy S7 Edge Android Central 2021

Still using your Galaxy S7 edge? That's fine — it still holds up quite well. If you want it to last even longer, then protecting your hardware is essential. Even though the S7 edge is an older phone, there are still plenty of cases available. These are the best cases you can buy for your Galaxy S7 edge.

Caseology Wavelength S7 Edge Cropped Render

Excellent feel: Caseology Wavelength

Staff Pick

Caseology makes some of the best phone cases money can buy. The Wavelength comprises a TPU rubber bumper shell with a hard plastic rim, which holds everything in place. The textured "wave" pattern on the back provides superb grip, and this case feels fantastic in the hand.

UEEBAI Leather Case S7 Edge Cropped

Sleek and refined: UEEBAI Luxury Leather Case

This leather case from UEEBAI is a bit different from other wallet cases. Instead of having a flap that covers the display, there's a small flap on the back to hold two cards. Then, you can snap the flap back into place with the magnetic buttons.

$11 at Amazon
Spigen Tough Armor S7 Edge Cropped Render

Solid protection: Spigen Tough Armor

Spigen is a trusted case maker, and its Tough Armor is a reliable dual-layer affair with a flexible rubber bumper case and a hard plastic outer shell, offering shock absorption and drop protection. It comes in three colors and has a built-in kickstand on the back.

Otterbox Symmetry S7 Edge Cropped Render

Ol' reliable: OtterBox Symmetry

OtterBox has been one of the top names in phone protection since the early days of the smartphone, and the Symmetry is a great blend of heavy-duty protection and a slim profile. It's not super thin, but it's thinner than many "rugged" cases.

Spigen Ultra Hyrbid S7 Edge Render

Crystal clear: Spigen Ultra Hybrid

This TPU rubber case is slim and leaves your S7 edge's sleek design visible. Its matte finish provides a good grip, and the button covers are raised, offering great feedback. Each corner has space for an "air cushion" to offer shock absorption, and this case meets military drop test standards.

Wenbelle Wallet S7 Edge Cropped

Sophisticated wallet: WenBelle faux-leather wallet

This two-tone wallet case features a simple folio design with accented stitching, an inner bumper to protect your S7 edge, along with three card slots and a cash pocket, so you don't have to carry around your wallet. There are two colors to choose from.

$13 at Amazon
SupCase Unicorn Beetle Pro S7 Edge Cropped

Heavy duty: SupCase Unicorn Beetle Pro

Supcase's Unicorn Beetle Pro is one of the best rugged cases money can buy, with its two-layer design, great color options, relatively non-bulky profile, and great feel. It comes with a built-in screen protector and is perfect for folks who need extra protection on a daily basis.

Arae Folio Case S7 Edge Cropped

Cards and colors: Arae folio case

If you want a wallet case but prefer not to have one of the more boring faux-leather options, then Arae has the folio-style cases you're looking for. They come in eight colors and have room for four cards and some cash.

$13 at Amazon
JETech Cover S7 Edge Cropped

One-piece protection: JETech protective cover

If you want a no-frills one-piece case, then check out JETech's offering, which is a slim TPU rubber bumper with some texture on the sides for extra grip. There are three color options, and the corners are reinforced to protect your S7 edge where it's most vulnerable.

Soundmae Wallet S7 Edge Cropped

Straightforward wallet: Soundmae Multi-function Wallet Case

This case is a simple wallet with a magnetic closure. Your S7 edge is protected in an inner TPU bumper, and there's room for three cards and a pocket for cash. There are three colors to choose from.

$10 at Amazon
Clayco Hera S7 Edge Cropped

Shiny and durable: Clayco Hera

Clayco's Hera Series cases have a flexible TPU inner shell and side with a hard plastic back that has a geometric pattern on it for grip. There are four great color options and each case has a built-in screen protector.

FYY Wallet S7 Edge Cropped

Purse replacement: FYY wallet case with mirror

If you want to ditch your purse entirely, then this is the case you want. It has a cosmetic mirror on the inside cover and comes in a ton of colors and patterns. It also features a lanyard, turning it into a clutch that also protects your phone.

$13 at Amazon
Speck CandyShell Grip S7 Edge Cropped

Added grip: Speck CandyShell Grip

Speck's CandyShell Grip is not only great at keeping the S7 edge safe, but adds more grip than other options. The extra grip comes via the rubber strips that wrap across the back of the case and end on the edges. And the Grip is made from two different materials to protect the entirety of your phone.

VRS High Pro Shield S7 Edge Cropped

Metallic reinforcement: VRS Design High Pro Shield

The High Pro Shield from VRS Design is a great selection for those who like a case with a brushed metal design. But what makes this case more interesting is the metal bumper that surrounds the edges of your S7 edge to add more shock protection.

i-Blason Prime S7 Edge Cropped

Throw it on your belt: i-Blason Prime

Looking for a heavy duty case that comes with a belt clip? Look no further than the i-Blason Prime. This dual-layer case has a built-in kickstand, and looks great with its carbon fiber design. There are even reinforced corners to hopefully keep the S7 Edge from suffering any damage.

Keep your trusty S7 Edge protected

If you're still rockin' an S7 edge, then keep it going even longer by protecting its outsides. A quality case can save you from not only a cracked screen but a shattered glass back as well. For a simple case that gets the job done well without much bulk, I'd go with the Caseology Wavelength. Caseology's cases have yet to do me wrong in the years since I've started using them and the Wavelength is no exception with the TPU rubber bumper shell and the extra grip on the back.

Chances are you want a case that's as versatile as the smartphone it's protecting. That's why you would want to check out the UEEBAI Leather Case with its unique rear-mounted wallet flap. There are two magnetic clasps to keep the wallet shut when you don't need it, and it comes in five different colors.

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