Best Wallet Cases for Galaxy S10e Android Central 2021

One of the benefits of going with the Galaxy S10e is that it's smaller and therefore a more pocket-friendly design. I always recommend getting wallet cases for larger phones because you're typically able to carry more important cards in one place while also protecting your phone, but all this comes at the expense of more pocket space. With the S10e in a wallet case, you get all that convenience for a phone you can still comfortably use with one hand.

The go-to design: Case-Mate Wallet Folio

Staff pick

You pay a bit more for a Case-Mate wallet case, but what you get in return is a high-quality product made of premium leather that protects while making sensible use of the inside flap. You're able to store up to four cards (including a clear pocket for an ID) and a cash pocket, and the whole thing is compatible with wireless charging.

$50 at Amazon

Simple and clean: Homelove Leather Wallet Case

Best without folio

A wallet case doesn't have to be bulky and complicated. Homelove offers a leather case that's light and thin that offers two card slots on the back. It's a pocket-friendly design that includes bumpers in the corners that protect against drops. It's available in black or red and looks really stylish.

$19 at Amazon

Designed by Samsung: Samsung LED Wallet Cover

Samsung's wallet case is a unique offering that prioritizes style and features over actual protection for your phone. The front flap displays customizable LED notifications and allows you to take a call or check the time at a glance. You only get one card slot, which is a bummer, but no big deal if you prefer to use tap payment through your phone anyways.

$65 at Amazon

All-in-one wallet case: Snakehive Leather Wallet

Snakehive is a British company that makes some really nice leather wallet cases for phones, and their S10e line up is a winner. All of their products are made with European leather and feature three card slots on the inside along with a compartment for cash and receipts. This is a premium made case that's available in four classy color combinations.

$35 at Snakehive

Stealthy compartment: Spigen Slim Armor CS

Spigen's wallet case looks just like any other generic rugged case — except there's a hidden card slot in the back that can hold two cards. Other brands that attempt this style are left with a weird hump on the back of the case, so you have to love Spigen's built-in design here. A great option if you don't like folio-style wallet cases.

From $16 at Amazon

Carry it all… or not: Modos Logicos Detachable Wallet Folio

You could easily argue that this is the most functional case on our list. It features three cards slots on the inside of the front cover… and an extra 10 card slots plus a complete zipper wallet built into the back. Feels too much for your phone? The case that actually protects your phone is magnetic so you can remove the wallet part of this case whenever you need. A super functional option that tries to do it all.

$20 at Amazon

My wallet and phone are the two things I'm reaching for most in my day so it makes sense to combine the two into one thing to carry around with you. But I also need a wallet case that's going to stand up to daily abuse, so that's why it's worth paying more for a quality product that won't fall apart on you. Case-Mate's folio wallet case is your best option because it's well-made with premium materials and it makes sense to spend a bit more for a reliable and functional product. But if you want the wallet without the folio, Homelove's Leather Wallet Case will be right up your alley.

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