Best Wallet Cases for Galaxy S10+ Android Central 2021

Pairing a wallet case with a larger phone like the Samsung Galaxy S10+ just makes sense — you're already going to have to deal with fitting a bigger device into your pocket or bag, so why not buy an accessory that protects and cuts down on your daily carry? These are the best options for carrying your cards and cash with your S10+.

FYY Luxurt Wallet Case

Carry all your cards: FYY Luxury Wallet Case

Staff pick

This FYY wallet case effectively turns your Galaxy S10+ into a wallet. You get three card slots (including a dedicated ID card slot) along with a cash pocket all made from genuine cowhide leather. It also folds over into a stand for watching media and features RFID blocking technology. There are six colors to choose from.

$34 at Amazon
Samsung LED Wallet Cover

Designed by Samsung: Samsung LED Wallet Cover

Samsung offers a multifunctional wallet case that features handy LED notifications on the screen cover and a card slot on the inside. Your Galaxy S10+ is held in place and protected by a slim shell casing while the exterior has a fabric finish that looks and feels great. It's a premium case designed for a premium phone.

$40 at Amazon
Snakehive All in one Wallet Case

All-in-one wallet case: Snakehive Leather Wallet

When you're holding a well-made leather case in your hand you can feel the difference. Give your S10+ a great look instead of settling for a cheaper option. You can get the case in colors to match or complement the color of your new phone.

$37 at Amazon
Fingic PU Leather Wallet Case

Splash of color: Fingic PU Leather Wallet Case

This gorgeous case has an elegant look to it, offers two credit card slots, a money pocket, and the PU leather cover doubles as a kickstand. The cover stays closed using a magnetic clasp to protect your phone screen from scratches or damage. It comes in three colors: Wine red, black, and rose gold.

$13 at Amazon
Spigen Slim Armor CS

Hidden card trick: Spigen Slim Armor CS

Spigen's wallet case looks just like any other generic rugged case — except there's a hidden card slot in the back that can hold two cards. This is a better option if you don't like the form-factor of a folio wallet case, as you'll get outstanding protection for your phone with a pocket-friendly design.

From $18 at Amazon
V VRS Design Wallet Case

A dandy wallet case: VRS Design Layered Dandy Series

Made with soft synthetic leather, this budget wallet case offers everything you'd want from a folio-wallet. You get three card slots on the inside, a pocket for cash or receipts, and a magnetic clasp to keep it all secure when closed. It's available in three color styles for a very good price.

$20 at Amazon
Encased Phantom

A rugged case with card slots: Encased Phantom

Encased offers a pretty interesting solution for carrying your most important cards on your phone. From the front, it's a pretty standard phone case that offers dual-layered protection, but on the back, you get a built-in card holder that gives you quick access to your cards.

$16 at Amazon
Goospery Sky Slide

Hide yo wallet: GOOSPERY Sky Slide

Even though plastic card slot cases usually keep your cards "out of sight", that big credit-card-sized sliding slot on your case tells people "Hey, I'm a $1000 phone with money inside!" Well, GOOSPERY's Sky Slide instead has the entire plastic back slide down to reveal the credit card-sized hole in the TPU layer.

$13 at Amazon
Maxboost mWallet Case

Won't flatten your wallet: Maxboost mWallet Series

Maxboost's mWallet is one of my go-tos for a wallet case because the mWallet is cheap, reliable, and available for just about every new model of phone before the phone's even available. With room for three cards and cash, this affordable wallet won't thin your wallet paying for itself.

$11 at Amazon

Save pocket space with a wallet case

There's a good variety of wallet case styles available for the Galaxy S10+. Whether you love the classic folio look and feel, or just want a case with a secret stash spot, each style has its own strengths and weaknesses.

Then, there are the flashy options like the Samsung LED Wallet Cover which offers a complete branded look along with those LED notifications.

In terms of quality and value, my top recommendation is the FYY Luxury Wallet Case. It's a well-designed and reliable case that offers a premium look and feel to match your phone, and there are six different colors to choose from.

For a non-folio recommendation that looks and feels more like a traditional smartphone case, I'll recommend the Spigen Slim Armor CS which features a slide-out cover that hides a card slot for up to two cards. There are also plenty of other non-folio cases to choose from if you decide the look isn't for you.

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