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Best Verizon Prepaid Phones Android Central 2020

If you're going prepaid, you can certainly try to bring your own device to Verizon — though Big Red is notoriously pretty strict about which phones it'll allow. Many unlocked phones aren't even compatible with its network. Otherwise, Verizon has a selection of prepaid phones that you can purchase directly. The Galaxy Note 10 is the best of the best on Verizon Prepaid, but there are plenty of other great options to choose from.

Best Overall: Samsung Galaxy Note 10

Samsung Galaxy Note 10+Source: Andrew Martonik / Android Central

There are few phones more well-rounded and versatile than the Galaxy Note 10. From the moment you pick it up, the Note 10 screams "premium," with a metal-and-glass construction that feels as great as it looks. The curved glass makes it comfortable to hold, and it's protected by IP68 water and dust resistance.

Inside, the Note 10 has a large 3500mAh battery that lasts all day and even into the next, along with a speedy Snapdragon 855 chipset. There's an in-display fingerprint sensor for quick authentication, and of course, the S Pen stylus for note-taking, drawing, and signing documents. The Galaxy Note 10 also has one of the best displays on the market — a 6.3-inch AMOLED panel with outstanding color reproduction that gets extremely bright for outdoor use.

There's something for everyone in the Galaxy Note 10.

One of the Note 10's highlight features is its triple-camera array around back. There's a wide-angle primary camera that's backed by OIS, along with a 2x telephoto lens and an ultra-wide-angle for capturing landscapes and shooting in tight spaces. These cameras all work together to make the Note 10 a powerful photography device with a lens for just about any situation.

Of course, the Note 10 isn't the newest flagship offering in Samsung's lineup; that title belongs to the S20 series, at least until the Note 20 is finally unveiled in a few weeks. But it's easily the most powerful, high-end option in Verizon's prepaid lineup, with premium features for just about any kind of user. It isn't cheap, but the Note 10 is well worth its high price.


  • Amazing display
  • Powerful S Pen stylus
  • Versatile triple camera system
  • Terrific battery life
  • Great build quality


  • Too large for some people
  • Very expensive

Best Overall

Samsung Galaxy Note 10

The most well-rounded phone you can buy.

The Galaxy Note 10 leaves little to be desired, offering everything from all-day battery life to powerful cameras, a great display, and the mighty S Pen.

Best Camera: Google Pixel 4

Google Pixel 4 XLSource: Andrew Martonik / Android Central

The Pixel 4 is perfect for Android enthusiasts who always want to be on the latest version of Google's software since it's made directly by Google themselves. It's the first phone to receive any new builds, including the recent beta builds of Android 11, and it's guaranteed to receive continued software support for years past its release cycle.

It's also a stunning phone for photography. Though the Pixel 4 only has two cameras, Google has made exceptional use of computational photography to pull off stunning photos, even in low light, thanks to the Pixel's revolutionary Night Sight and Astrophotography modes. Simply put, the Pixel 4 has one of the best photography experiences you'll find on a phone.


  • Timely Android updates
  • Outstanding cameras
  • Excellent low light photos
  • Fast and convenient Face Unlock
  • Available in small and XL


  • Lackluster battery life
  • No ultra-wide lens

Best Camera

Google Pixel 4

Computational photography and clean, modern software.

The Pixel 4 is the first phone to receive new versions of Android, and it takes stunning low light photos with its dual cameras.

Best Value: Moto G7 Power

Moto G7 PowerSource: Android Central

Not everybody needs to drop close to a thousand dollars on their next phone, especially those who only want to be able to send calls and texts and use basic apps. The Moto G7 Power fits that bill perfectly, with decent enough specs to handle most tasks without an issue, and an enormous battery that gives the phone its name.

The 5000mAh internal battery, combined with the 720p display, allows the Moto G7 Power to easily last two days or even longer on a single charge. For many, that's far more useful than the latest and greatest processor or a flagship-tier camera, and the recent update to Android 10 brings the G7 Power up to speed with modern software, as well.


  • Outstandingly good battery life
  • Decent specs for most tasks
  • Recently updated to Android 10
  • Rear fingerprint sensor
  • Very affordable


  • Single, subpar camera
  • Glossy plastic shows smudges and fingerprints

Best Value

Moto G7 Power

All-day battery life and then some.

The Moto G7 Power has an incredible 2-3 days of battery life, along with recently updated software and decent specs.

Best Compact Phone: Samsung Galaxy S10e

Samsung Galaxy S10eSource: Android Central

The Galaxy S10e is a shockingly small phone that bests even its more expensive counterparts in many ways. Not only does it fit comfortably in virtually anyone's hand, but the S10e has a flat display (as opposed to the rest of the S10 lineup's much-bemoaned curved glass), along with a speedy side-mounted capacitive fingerprint sensor.

Outside of some minor hardware differences, the S10e is a lot like the other S10 models. It has powerful specs and niceties like water resistance and bidirectional wireless charging, and Samsung's One UI software is great for one-handed usability. The S10e also has two excellent cameras, and it's one of the most affordable phones in Samsung's high-end lineup.


  • Powerful Snapdragon 855 processor
  • Two great rear cameras
  • Side-mounted fingerprint sensor
  • Easy to use one-handed
  • Gorgeous design with IP68


  • Middling battery life
  • No telephoto lens

Best Compact Phone

Samsung Galaxy S10e

A delight for one-handed use.

The S10e is Samsung's smallest flagship in years, offering almost all of the same features as its larger, pricier counterparts.

Bottom line

You don't have to sign up for a postpaid plan to get the best Android phone on Verizon's network. The Galaxy Note 10 is a does-it-all flagship with next to no compromises; it combines excellent battery life with a great screen, three terrific cameras, and the S Pen stylus.

The combination of Android 10 and One UI 2.1 makes the Note 10 feel extremely modern, and even though it lacks some newer features like a high refresh rate display or 5G support, the edge-to-edge display and sleek hardware are still remarkable in 2020. Those tight bezels also help keep the Note 10 surprisingly small and comfortable to use in one hand, despite the large 6.3-inch display, and if you need something even larger, you can always step up to the Note 10+.

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