Best Ultra Thin Cases for Google Pixel

The Google Pixel is a brand new, sleek and stylish phone, so having a big bulky case on it might not be the most ideal thing for those who want to keep the minimalist beauty of the device while still showing it off (and keeping it protected!)

There are plenty of cases to pick from when it come to customizing your Pixel, but with so many options available, which one should you go with? Here are our choices we think you should consider while picking out the best ultra-thin case for your Google Pixel!

Peel Super Thin Pixel Case

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If you're searching for the absolute thinnest case, it's hard to beat the ultra thin offerings from Peel. Its goal seems to be to keep your phone protected without anyone ever really noticing that you've got a case on your phone.

For the Pixel and Pixel XL, that means offering cases that match the color of your phone (even that gorgeous Really Blue) without any brand markings on the case. It really lets the Pixel's design come through and at only .35mm of thickness, even you might forget you've got a case on your phone over time. You can get a peel case in Very Silver, Quite Black, or Really Blue for either the Pixel or Pixel XL for just $25.

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Dbrand Skins

I don't know exactly where Dbrand skins fall in terms of being an actual case — typically I would define a case as something you can pop on and off as needed. But if you're looking to customize your Pixel with a thin layer of protection and have the patience for a precise, one-time installation, you really need to check out Dbrand

They offer a wide variety of skins for the Pixel and Pixel XL that can be as subtle or flashy as you want. It's all about customization here so choose the color and texture style you want. These vinyl skins are less than .25mm thick so you're adding basically no bulk at all to your phone while protecting the body from any scuffs and scratches from drops. If you decide to remove the skin, Dbrand guarantees that their skins will leave no residue on your phone. So keep it protected and thin with a Dbrand skin.

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Diztronic Pixlee Slim-Fit Case

If you enjoy a good pun, you'll enjoy the Diztronic Pixlee Slim-Fit Case. It's a minimalist case made of TPU with a matte finish and a pixelated texture on the back... For your Pixel.

It's a really slim case that adds barely any bulk to your phone, but will keep it protected even when you put it face down on a table with a slight lip around the front edge. All the coverings and cutouts for the buttons and ports are precisely designed so you'll have no issues fitting this case on your phone. It's available for just $10 on Amazon, so get yours today!

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Maxboost mSnap Thin case

If you're looking for a Google Pixel case that's thin and out of the way, but that still adds a little bit of protection and security to your phone, then take a peek at the highly-rated and recommended Maxboost mSnap Thin case!

Designed to precisely snap to fit your Google Pixel and built with durable 4-side protection that covers your phone's corners, along with a raised bezel to protect your Pixel's screen, the Maxboost mSnap Thin case may be thin, but it will also protect your phone from day-to-day wear and tear.

You won't have to worry about pulling your Pixel in and out of the case to charge it, either: the Maxboost mSnap Thin case comes with cutouts for your speakers, charging ports, and buttons. You can pick up the mSnap in vibrant colors like turquoise or rose gold, or in a standard color like black.

The best part? The case is less that $15, so you won't have to break the bank to find a case that works for you!

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Pixel Case by Google

Keep your Pixel protected and secure without the weight and inconvenience with the Pixel Case by Google.

Designed and built with a silicone exterior to provide extra shock absorption from high falls, the Pixel Case by Google comes finished with a high-quality microfibre interior for additional protection. Simply slide on the flexible, yet perfectly-fitting case, and your Pixel is ready to go!

Unlike some minimalist cases that only come clear or in basic colors, Google's case comes in a number of bright, fun shades to match your sense of style, including grey, blue, green, coral, and peach.

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DGtle Anti-Scratch case

With an anti-scratch guarantee and a sleek, ultra-thin design, the DGtle case is another ideal partner for your Pixel if you're looking for a case that isn't bulky or cumbersome!

Made from a durable TPU material to protect your Pixel against any outside trauma or force, and designed to be firm, yet flexible, this non-slip DGtle case is a smart minimalist option to consider as you hunt for the perfect case.

The case fits snugly to your Pixel to protect it, and comes in a clear style, or you can also pick and choose from frosted purple, pink, mint, blue, gray, and so many others!

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Spigen Liquid Crystal case

Protect your Pixel in true minimalist style with the Liquid Crystal case from Spigen.

If you're looking for a truly ultra-thin case, Spigen has you covered with the Liquid Crystal. The case is made from a clear TPU material and is extremely flexible and lightweight. With some clear cases, smudges and dirt can easily gather on the back of your phone, but Spigen's inner-dot pattern prevents any grime from muddying up the look of your Pixel.

While the Liquid Crystal only comes in one color (clear), and might look like a bit of a flimsy case, it's actually voted one of the best Pixel ultra-thin cases out there, so check it out for just $12 if you're looking for a reliable clear case option!

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Bear Motion Ultra Slim case

Snap, secure, and go with the Bear Motion Ultra Slim case for your Pixel!

With full-access to all ports and buttons, the Bear Motion case is a great accessory to partner with your Pixel. While it's not as protective as other cases on this list, it's super-slim design is perfect for minimalists who are looking for a simple, stylish look and feel.

This lightweight case will protect your Pixel from small scratches and bumps and comes in five different color choices, including bright red, black, navy blue, gray, and forest green. Get yours today for just $8!

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What's your pick?

Is there a minimalist, ultra-thin Pixel case that you simply cannot get enough of? Have you found the perfect combination of simplicity and protection? Style and functionality?

Let us know what you think in the comments below!

Updated August 2017: Added Peel, Dbrand, and Diztronic options to our list!

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