Best Surge Protectors 2022

We all have expensive equipment at home that needs to be plugged into a power socket, whether it's a TV, computer, laptop, smartphone, gaming console, or countless other devices that make up a home theater. In the case of spikes or power surges you want to protect your gadgets and the best way to do that is to get yourself a surge protector. The best surge protectors have multiple outlets so you can ensure that not only is everything plugged in, but that it'll be protected.

Why do I need a surge protector?

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As well as making sure you have adequate protection at the point of entry in the home (or office) with a fuse box, it helps to have a middleman in case that fails, which is where the trusty surge protector comes into play. A fuse can be reset or replaced, and so can a surge protector, but your device getting fried and data being lost is something you need to avoid.

These surge protectors can also be accompanied by some additional handy features, such as indicators as to when surge protection is no longer active (usually dictated by an LED light) or halting power flow altogether if a fault is detected. Not all extension leads and hubs include additional protection. On more affordable options, it's down to you to keep checking to see if the protection is still active.

Which towers above the rest?

The Belkin 12-outlet pivot power strip is great because it's heavy-duty and has eight pivoting plugs (out of a possible 12) that make it easy to plug in almost any appliance. It's a little more expensive than the others, but it's worth it as one of the best surge protectors around.

For the neat and tidy, the SuperDanny Tower is perfect. It can sit pretty on a desk or table or stand up nicely in the corner of a room. With its retractable power cord, you won't have too many untidy cables. Plus it has six USB ports, which is a huge convenience. The ability to be able to switch off individual outlets is also a bonus.

If you want the option to also be able to wirelessly charge devices then the GLCON power tower is for you. Again, it can look pretty on your desk. The wireless charger is Qi-compatible, it can fast charge the best Android phones, though you do need the relevant adapters. It's also great to quickly top off a laptop, like one of our favorite Chromebooks, the Acer Chromebook Spin 714.

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