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We all have expensive equipment at home that needs to be plugged into a power socket, whether it's a TV, computer, laptop, smartphone, gaming console, or countless other devices. In the case of spikes or power surges you want to protect your gadgets and the best way to do that is to get yourself a surge protector. With multiple outlets, you can ensure that not only is everything plugged in, but that it'll be protected.

Pivoting Outlets: Belkin 12-outlet Pivot Plug

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This power strip comes with eight pivoting plugs, which means you can adjust plugs accordingly and make use of all sockets. It comes with a 4,320-joule energy rating and an 8-foot heavy-duty power cord. The higher the joules the more of a surge the unit can withstand, and over 4,000 is great for most expensive electronics.

$33 at Amazon

Individual switches: SuperDanny Power Strip Tower

The tower design allows this surge protector to sit nicely on a desk or in the corner of the room. It has a retractable cord for a clean look, 10 power outlets, and four USB ports. Each outlet has a switch so you can power off devices individually, if required.

$26 at Amazon

Run of the mill: AmazonBasics 12-outlet

This is a straightforward, no-frills surge protector from AmazonBasics. You have 12 outlets available with a 4,320-joule energy rating, and LED lights show active surge protection and grounded wiring. There is also a power switch that integrates with a 15-amp overload resettable circuit breaker.

$21 at Amazon

Well-known brand: APC 12-Outlet Surge Protector Power Strip

APC is one of the best-known brands out there, and for good reason — its surge protectors are among the most reliable in the business. This particular piece comes with 12 outlets intelligently spaced out to allow for large and small AC adapters, along with two USB ports for added convenience.

$32 at Amazon

Spaced out outlets: Holsem 12 outlet Power Plug

Holsem's offering has 12 outlets — six down the middle and three spaced out either side. It also has three USB charging ports, two of which have Smart IC technology, meaning it auto-detects devices and provides the maximum charge speed for that device. It has a double-break safety switch that will trip off in the event of an overload.

$33 at Amazon

Smart USB ports: Bestek 8 outlet Surge Protector

This surge protector withstands a power surge up to 2,000 joules, which is suitable for PCs, TVs, tablets, and smartphones. It also has four USB charging ports with Smart IC technology.

$30 at Amazon

Wireless charging: GLCON Power Strip Tower

This is a tower-designed surge protector with the added bonus of a wireless charger on top. The wireless charging is case friendly up to 4mm in thickness and is Qi-compatible, which you can find in most modern, higher-end smartphones. Otherwise, there are 10 outlets and four USB ports.

$40 at Amazon

Rotating Outlets: ECHOGEAR Power Strip

This power strip from ECHOGEAR has six rotating outlets to keep bigger power adapters from blocking access to neighboring outlets. There are also cable hooks to keep things neat and tidy. It also has fireproof MOV (Metal Oxide Varistor) technology, minimising the risk of fire if a power surge hits.

$30 at Amazon

Many USB ports: Aukey Surge Protector

Plug in as many devices as you want with this Aukey Surge Protector, which has 12 outlets and six USB ports. With Aukey AiPower it will provide the safest maximum power to USB-powered devices - up to 2.4A per port. This has a 1,500 joule energy rating. Note, Quick Charge is not supported.

$50 at Amazon

Why do I need a surge protector?

As well as making sure you have adequate protection at the point of entry in the home (or office) with a fuse box, there's also the requirement of adding in the middleman in case that fails, which is where the trusty surge protector comes into play. A fuse can be reset or replaced, so can a surge protector, but your device getting fried and data being lost is something you really need to avoid.

These surge protector can also be accompanied by some additional handy features, such as indicators as to when surge protection is no longer active (usually dictated by an LED light) and halting power flow altogether if a fault is detected or the protector is burnt out. Not all extension leads and hubs include additional protection. On more affordable options, it's down to you to keep checking to see if the protection is still active.

Which towers above the rest?

The Belkin 12-outlet pivot power strip is great because it's heavy duty and has eight pivoting plugs (out of a possible 12) that make it easy to plug in almost any appliance. It's a little more expensive than the others, but it's worth it.

For the neat and tidy, the SuperDanny Tower is perfect. It can sit pretty on a desk or table or stand up nicely in the corner of a room. With its retractable power cord, you won't have too many untidy cables. Plus it has six USB ports, which is a huge convenience. The ability to be able to switch off individual outlets is also an added bonus.

If you want the option to also be able to wirelessly charge devices then the GLCON power tower is for you. Again, it can look pretty on your desk. The wireless charger is Qi-compatible, it can fast charge iPhone and Samsung devices, though you do need the relevant adapters. If you're looking for a surge protector with the added bonus of wireless charging, this is a solid choice.

Ultimately, though, if you want something safe, reliable, and heavy duty, the Belkin is your best bet.

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