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Austere V Series Power Lifestyle
Austere V Series Power Lifestyle (Image credit: Austere)

With all the gadgets and devices we own today, we want to protect them from any surges or spikes that may occur. Unfortunately, electronic devices can be expensive to replace, so why not purchase a middleman to absorb any extra charge that may pass through the circuit? You can get a standard surge protector, but if you want to get something that's connected so it can be part of your overall smart home, we've rounded up a bunch of the best smart surge protectors that offer more than just surge protection.

Which one comes out on top?

For a reasonable price, the TP-LINK WiFi Smart Power Strip is a top choice when it comes to the best smart surge protectors. It has Wi-Fi allowing you to connect to it via the Kasa Smart app. With the app, you can schedule times to switch outlets off or on. You get six outlets and three USB ports, which is a healthy amount of sockets to plug your devices into. It's perfect for the living room or office. There's voice control with it being compatible with Amazon Echo and Google Home.

If you are willing to spend the money to connect many devices for your home theater or office, it doesn't get much more stylish than the Austere V Series Power. Yes, it's much more expensive than the others on this list. Still, you also get premium protection with tons of outlets and spacing between each AC port, so you don't have to worry about skipping one in between when plugging in devices with larger adapters.

Given how expensive tech devices are today, you want to invest in the best possible products to protect them. And any of the surge protectors on this list will do the job. So choose the one that will fit well in the space you intend to position it, which will accommodate everything you want to plug in.

Andrew Myrick
Andrew Myrick

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