Best Smart Home Tech For Christmas 2018

Smart Home
Smart Home (Image credit: Ara Wagoner / Android Central)

It's time to deck the halls with — uh, what's a bough? You know what, let's skip the Victorian greenery for a new kind of green: a smart home that's more efficient and more fun! Whether you're trying to entertain a twelve teens a-tweeting or slow-roast three french hens for Christmas dinner, these devices can help you with recipes, rousing carols, magical lights and warding off Grinches.

Putting up a new Yule Log every year with Chromecast Ultra can help the old tradition from going stale, and pairing it with a Google Home Hub allows you to summon entertainment to the big screen or the small screen effortlessly, as well as control the rest of your smart home. I'm kinda stunned there aren't many Christmas tree lights that connect to Google Assistant or Alexa — next year, I'm sure that will be fixed — but at least the iClever Indoor/Outdoor 2-Outlet Smart Plug can let us turn them on and off with Google Assistant and Alexa, because I mean it, I'm done hunting for that Houdini vanishing remote every night to turn them off!

Ara Wagoner

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