Best small wireless chargers for earbuds & smartwatches 2022

Belkin BoostUp 10W Wireless Charger
Belkin BoostUp 10W Wireless Charger (Image credit: Amazon)

Charging your true wireless earbuds usually involves placing them inside their included charging case, but how do you charge the case itself? Usually, it's via microUSB or USB-C cable, but wireless charging is often another option. As for charging your Android smartwatch, some models can be charged wirelessly. It's easy to place your wireless earbuds or smartwatch atop the charging surface, and you'll be ready to charge without wires. We've rounded up some of the best small wireless chargers for earbuds and smartwatches.

Best small wireless chargers for earbuds and smartwatches: Make a choice

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If you want to cut the cords and be able to plop your wireless earbuds case or smartwatch down on a wireless charging surface, there are plenty of options. Out of all the best small wireless chargers for earbuds and smartwatches, our favorite is the Ventev Wireless Charger Qi Chargepad+. First and foremost, it has an attractive design that makes it a versatile choice for placement anywhere in the home. Not to mention that you get a super-long cord that can be easily tucked away out of sight.

If you want to charge two devices simultaneously, the official Samsung Duo Pad Wireless Charger is the better way to go. It's especially a good option if you own a Samsung Galaxy smartphone and Galaxy earbuds since it can fast charge the phone. It might be the most expensive, but it's the most reliable and efficient option for Samsung users.

When you're seeking a wireless charger that allows you to be truly unstoppable, look no further than the OIUSHYO 3-in-1 Wireless Charging Station. Reduce the number of chargers and cables on your nightstand or workspace. This charger makes it possible to charge your earbuds, smartwatch, and smartphone simultaneously. It offers wide compatibility for numerous devices, including iPhones, Apple Airpods, Samsung Galaxy phones, and Samsung smartwatches.

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