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Best Samsung Galaxy S22 wireless chargers 2022

On one hand, it's great that Samsung finally upgraded the charging speeds in the Galaxy S22 lineup. But the truth is that wired charging can be a pain, making it important to find the best Galaxy S22 wireless chargers. Ditch the wires and keep your new and fancy phone charged up.

Samsung's chargers are best for compatibility

Seeing the Galaxy S22+ and S22 Ultra upgraded with 45W wired charging speeds is pretty awesome. This makes finding the best Galaxy S22 charger even more important. But that also applies to the best Galaxy S22 wireless chargers, as you'll want to make sure you get the right charger to take full advantage of the 15W speeds.

That's why Samsung's own Wireless Charger Duo takes the top spot as the best Galaxy S22 wireless charger. Samsung has redesigned the charger to coincide with the launch of its latest devices. It offers 15W charging speeds, along with a built-in cooling system to keep your phone and accessories from overheating while charging. If just one or two charging terminals won't make the cut for you, it is advisable to get the official wireless charger trio from Samsung. 

In contrast, if you want fast charging and are looking for a minimal gadget, the BoostCharge 15W wireless charger is exactly what you need. Meanwhile, if you depend on your car's charger for charging your Galaxy S22 wirelessly, then we highly recommend the CHGeek wireless charger listed above. Most of these wireless chargers work even through thick back cases, so check out our list of the best Galaxy S22 cases that help you keep the phone as good as new. 

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