Best Samsung Galaxy A72 Screen Protectors Android Central 2021

After seeing the popularity of the Galaxy A71 as it became one of the best cheap Android phones, the Samsung Galaxy A72 arrived and tried to fill some pretty big shoes. With its gorgeous 6.7-inch AMOLED display equipped with a 90Hz refresh rate, you're definitely going to want to use one of the best Galaxy A72 screen protectors to keep your display looking good. We've rounded up some of our favorites, including some that protect both displays and others that protect just the rear camera glass.

IVSO Tempered Glass Galaxy A72 Render

All the glass: IVSO Screen Protector Kit (6-pack)

Staff Pick

If you want to protect all the glass on your Galaxy A72, then this six-pack of screen protectors from IVSO will be perfect. There are three tempered glass screen protectors for the main display and three more for the glass on the rear camera module. Plus, these are all case-friendly, so you can forget worrying about finding the best case only to realize that it won't work properly.

$13 at Amazon
Supershieldz PET Film Galaxy A72 Render

Plastic protection: Supershieldz PET Clear Shield (6-pack)

Tempered glass is usually the way to go when it comes to screen protectors, but some folks just don't like the look and feel. With the Supershieldz PET Clear Shield, you can go back to using the classic screen protectors from before tempered glass was popular. Supershieldz includes six total screen protectors, providing enough extras for you to replace your screen protector whenever it gets scratched up.

YWXTW Privacy Galaxy A72 Render

Keep it private: YWXTW Privacy Screen Protector (2-pack)

If you're concerned with prying eyes looking at what's going on with your phone while you're using it, then you're going to want this privacy screen protector from YWXTW. The company includes two tempered glass privacy screen protectors in the box, along with an easy installation kit. Your only potential hiccup is that you won't be able to use the in-display fingerprint scanner with these screen protectors.

$10 at Amazon
Mr Shield Tempered Glass Galaxy A72 Render

Lifetime warranty: Mr. Shield Tempered Glass (3-pack)

It's not frequent that we come across many people who upgrade their phones every year. Instead, you're going to want to find a screen protector that will offer a lifetime warranty so that you'll never run out. That's what Mr. Shield offers with this three-pack of tempered glass screen protectors, as you'll be able to easily get replacements if your current protectors are broken or shattered over the years to come.

$7 at Amazon
PULEN Tempered Glass Galaxy A72 Render

Easy installation: PULEN HD Clear Screen Protectors (5-pack)

The problem with some screen protectors is that they take away from the clarity offered by the display itself. That won't be a problem with the PULEN HD Clear Screen Protectors, as these feature HD Retina clarity, along with an oleophobic coating to protect against sweat and oil from your fingerprints. Additionally, PULEN includes three screen protectors for the main display and two more for the rear camera module.

$4 at Amazon
UniqueMe Tempered Glass Galaxy A72 Render

No bubbles: UniqueMe Bubble Free Tempered Glass Screen Protectors (4-pack)

It can be extremely frustrating to install a screen protector, only to have to deal with bubbles that just won't go away. With UniqueMe's Bubble-Free Screen Protectors, the company promises that it won't be an issue. You'll get four screen protectors in the box, along with an easy installation kit to avoid any potential problems with bubbles.

$10 at Amazon
Supershieldz Matte Galaxy A72 Render

Matte texture: Supershieldz Matte Shield (6-pack)

While glass and film screen protectors provide a smooth experience, some enjoy the tactile feedback offered by a matte screen protector. The Supershieldz Matte Shield is here for those who want a matte screen protector and includes six protectors in the box.

Aeska Camera Tempered Glass Galaxy A72 Render

For the camera: Aeska Camera Protector (2-pack)

If you already have a screen protector for the main display but want to make sure that the camera module stays protected, Aeska has a two-pack of screen protectors for the camera. There is a cutout for the LED flash on the camera module. The company also promises HD clarity, so you won't deal with any distortion when taking pictures or recording videos.

$9 at Amazon
MMY Case And Tempered Glass Galaxy A72 Render

Everything you need: MMY Screen Protector and Case Kit (2-pack)

If you don't want to fumble around trying to find a screen protector and case that fit well together, why not get Case and Screen Protector Kit from MMY. There's a basic TPU case with a familiar look to go along with the two tempered glass screen protectors.

$9 at Amazon

Get the best Galaxy A72 screen protectors

There are quite a lot of options when it comes to finding the best Galaxy A72 screen protectors, but the IVSO Screen Protector Kit is our favorite. You'll get three case-friendly tempered glass screen protectors for the main 6.7-inch AMOLED display, along with three more for the rear camera module. This way, when paired up with one of the best Galaxy A72 cases, you'll get 360-degrees of protection.

If tempered glass screen protectors aren't your thing, but you still want to keep your screen safe from scratches, then the Supershieldz PET Clear Shield is the way to go. Supershieldz includes a total of six screen protectors in the box, ensuring that you'll have plenty of backups for as long as you own the Galaxy A72. These are also high-definition and will make it feel like you don't have anything installed on top of the display.

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