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There's no doubting that the Samsung Galaxy A72 could end up as one of the best cheap Android phones of the year. The device packs quite a punch, providing a great design in combination with some pretty impressive specs. With a smartphone that's this compelling, you're going to want to pick up one of the best Galaxy A72 cases, so we've rounded up some of our favorites.

Caseology Nano Pop Galaxy A72 Render

Fun and awesome: Caseology Nano Pop

Staff Pick

After making its entrance alongside the Galaxy S21, the Caseology Nano Pop has quickly turned into our favorite case for any device it's available for. That includes the newly-launched Galaxy A72, as the Nano Pop provides a soft texture for added grip, along with some pretty awesome color combinations.

From $16 at Amazon
Ringke Onyx Design Galaxy A72 Render

Slim and soft: Ringke Onyx Series

Ringke recently launched its Onyx series of cases, comprised of the standard Ringke Onyx, along with the Onyx Design. There aren't many differences between the two, as the case themselves feature a "granulate" texture for added grip, along with the QuikCatch lanyard hole. The only difference between the Onyx and Design are the patterns that you'll find available for the latter, while the former only comes in three plain colors.

Chenlingy Silicone Cases Galaxy A72 Render

Get more than one: Chenlingy Silicone Bumper Case (8-pack)

Silicone cases are some of the most popular options for any smartphone, but this Silicone Bumper Case from Chenlingy offers something different. There are actually EIGHT cases included in this pack, giving you the ability to pick a color to match your outfit or to have a different case for every day of the week.

$10 at Amazon
Spigen Rugged Armor Galaxy A72 Render

The Classic: Spigen Rugged Armor

It would be difficult to provide a list of the best Galaxy A72 cases without mentioning the Spigen Rugged Armor. This is one of those cases that is almost always available whenever a new phone is launched. You'll get the tried-and-true design on the back, Air Cushion corners for shock absorption, and tactile button feedback.

$13 at Amazon
Venoro Bling Case Galaxy A72 Render

Bling it up: Venoro Bling Case w/ Screen Protectors

Not that the Galaxy A72 doesn't stand out on its own, but if you really want to turn some heads, the Venoro Bling Case is a great way to do so. The case includes two screen protectors, one for the big screen and another for the rear camera module. The case has floating glitter and bubbles on the back that move around as you move, making sure to catch some sunlight and turn some heads.

$14 at Amazon
Fingic Marble Slim Cover Galaxy A72 Render

A unique design: Fingic Marble Slim Fit Cover

The Fingic Marble Case comes in with its Rose Gold colorway and Marble pattern on the back. The case itself is made from TPU and easily snaps onto your Galaxy A72 for a quick installation.

$11 at Amazon
Spigen Liquid Crystal Glitter Galaxy A72 Render

Show it off: Spigen Liquid Crystal Series

Who needs bells and whistles for their case when their phone already has all of that built right in? That's why the Spigen Liquid Crystal is such a great case. It has a basic TPU design, which offers shock absorption thanks to the reinforced corners. Plus, the Crystal Glitter adds a little something special to the design of your phone, along with being able to show it off.

Caseology Parallax Galaxy A72 Render

Old reliable: Caseology Parallax

Before the Nano Pop was introduced, our go-to pick for cases was the Caseology Parallax. This case sports a unique design aiming to provide better grip while standing out from the crowd. And although it features two layers of protection, the case retains a low profile so that you won't be adding too much bulk.

From $15 at Amazon
BAISRKE Wallet Case Galaxy A72 Render

New wallet: BAISRKE Wallet Case

It can be a real pain to have to carry your wallet with you all of the time, especially if you have a costanza wallet. With the BAISRKE Wallet Case, you won't have to worry about carrying around that old hunk of leather. You'll be able to hold up to two cards in the back of the case and easily access them when the time arises.

$12 at Amazon
Kqimi Leather Cover Galaxy A72 Render

Leather all the way: Kqimi Leather Slim Cover

When it comes to leather cases, there's just something unique about them, making the Kqimi Leather Slim Cover a great option. Over time, leather develops a patina that is unique to you, so while you and your friends may have the same case, they won't look the same in a month or two.

From $14 at Amazon
VRS Design Damda Quickstand Pro Case Galaxy A72 Render

Stand it up: VRS Design Damda QuickStand Pro

One of the best parts about the Galaxy A72 is its gorgeous display, and that means you'll find yourself watching some YouTube or Netflix. Instead of propping up the phone yourself, why not get a case like the VRS Design Damda QuickStand Pro? This case has an adjustable kickstand on the back, along with offering quite a bit of protection.

$17 at Amazon
Venoro Kickstand Case Galaxy A72 Render

Get a clip: Venoro Full-Body Kickstand Case

If you want to grab the Galaxy A72 but don't want to add more things to your already-crowded pockets, then the Venoro Full-Body case is perfect. The case itself features plenty of protection, including a dust protection flap that folds over the charging port. But Venoro also includes a belt-clip holster that swivels up to 360-degrees and doubles as a kickstand.

$13 at Amazon
Spigen Thin Fit Galaxy A72 Render

Keep it sleek: Spigen Thin Fit

The Galaxy A72 is already a sleek and slim device, and you don't necessarily want to change that with a big and bulky case. That's where the Spigen Thin Fit comes in, with its ultra-slim design while still offering enough protection. Plus, it's still compatible with magnetic QNMP mounts, so you won't need to find something else to use.

$12 at Amazon
Rebex Ring Case Galaxy A72 Render

Get a ring: Rebex Ring Kickstand Case

PopSockets are cool and all, but the adhesive can wear out after prolonged usage. That's where a Ring Kickstand Case like the one from Rebex can help. As the name suggests, there's a rotating ring built into the back of the case. This ring rotates up to 360-degrees and can be used as a kickstand, plus Rebex includes a two-pack of tempered glass screen protectors for all-around protection.

$9 at Amazon
i-Blason Ares Galaxy A72 Render

360-degrees: i-Blason Ares

Those looking for the most protective Galaxy A72 case will want to check out the i-Blason Ares. This case features a clear polycarbonate shell on the back to let your phone shine through. i-Blason's Ares even features a built-in screen protector, so you won't have to worry about messing up the installation.

$20 at Amazon

Pick the best Galaxy A72 cases

While there are many great options out there, including many that we weren't able to feature here, the best Galaxy A72 case has to be the Caseology Nano Pop. You'll find plenty of added grip so that your new phone stays in your hand and doesn't accidentally fall out while you're fumbling around. Plus, how can you say no to those awesome color options?

If you want something a bit different from the Nano Pop, we would recommend swinging for the fences with the Ringke Onyx or Onyx Design. These cases are slim, grippy, and come in an array of colors and designs. There's even a QuikCatch hole in the bottom corner if you feel so inclined to use a lanyard.

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