Best Samsung Galaxy A42 5G cases 2024

Like many of its brethren, Samsung's Galaxy A42 5G offers a lot of value for money. The mid-range smartphone includes a massive 6.6-inch display, a 5,000mAh battery, quad-camera setup, and most importantly, 5G connectivity, all for just under $400. That said, like any modern smartphone, the Galaxy A42 5G also needs a case to survive the rigors of everyday use. There are quite a few of them available out there, so to help you decide, we've rounded up some of the best Samsung Galaxy A42 5G cases.

What are the best Samsung Galaxy A42 5G cases?

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The Samsung Galaxy A42 5G is part of the impressive A-series and shows that a feature-rich smartphone doesn't always have to cost a fortune. During our review, we saw that the 5G-capable mid-ranger is already quite future-proof, and pairing it with the right case will ensure it'll last even longer, should you choose to buy it.

As great as all of the cases detailed above are, my overall vote goes to Spigen's Rugged Armor. As it's made from lightweight TPU material, it doesn't add too much bulk to the Galaxy A42 5G, which is already quite heavy at around 6.8 ounces. The fact that it comes from a brand as reputed as Spigen also inspires confidence.

On the other hand, Samsung's S View Wallet is a great option for anyone who prefers official accessories. Being a first-party case, it offers flawless compatibility with the Galaxy A42 5G. The mini cutout on its top flap, which allows calls and notifications to be managed without opening the cover, only makes the overall package better.

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