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Best Oculus Quest & Quest 2 controller batteries 2022

The Touch Controllers for the Oculus Quest 2 ship with one disposable AA battery each, but you should invest in the best Oculus Quest 2 replacement batteries to ensure you can keep playing when they eventually run out of juice. 

While the Touch Controllers last much longer than the headset's limited battery — up to several months, depending on usage — it's still wise to invest in some rechargeable batteries or a stack of disposable batteries to stop your VR sessions from getting disrupted. Here are the batteries and chargers we recommend for your Oculus Touch controllers.

The best battery and charger options for your Oculus Quest controllers

Keep playing

As wireless headsets with wireless controllers, the Quest and Quest 2 headsets don't have particularly long battery lives, but the Touch controllers are a different story entirely. That's why we recommend getting rechargeable AA batteries, as you'll be able to easily have a pair handy when the batteries get low, and will have plenty of warning ahead of time. The only thing worse than having to stop playing the best Oculus Quest 2 games to replace your batteries is not to have any spare batteries to swap in.

When picking the best Oculus Quest 2 replacement batteries, pay attention to any information they give on recharge cycles and usable battery life. You'll want at least 500 recharge cycles and several years of promised durability to ensure your battery won't suddenly stop working or lose its charge. That's one reason why we love the Panasonic eneloop rechargeable batteries, which can recharge an absurd 2,100 times before you'll finally have to buy some new ones.

Battery capacity is also an essential factor to consider, though perhaps not as vital as you might think. The higher mAh rating you see, the longer the battery will last and the more it can handle demanding electronics. But the Oculus Touch controllers aren't that demanding and are frequently in standby mode. Since standby mode doesn't use any real power, it's important to get batteries that can hold their juice for a long time, even when not in use.

For reliable performance in both areas, the Panasonic eneloop Pros have a solid 2,500 mAh while also retaining 85% of their charge for a whole year. Or, if you don't want to bother with rechargeable batteries, the Energizer Ultimate Lithium batteries have a massive 3,000 mAh capacity, and can last up to 20 years in storage.

If you were looking for something a little more bespoke than generic AA batteries, both Anker and BeswinVR offer charging docks or special cables and batteries that'll get the job done without having to ever remove the battery cover again. They're a bit more expensive than regular batteries but shouldn't ever need to be replaced while you have your Quest 2, thanks to battery longevity.

Once you've chosen the batteries you need, look into ways to make sure your headset is staying properly charged as well. You can look into the best Oculus Quest 2 battery packs to attach to the Quest 2, or buy a replacement Quest 2 charging cable that'll keep you topped off as you play.

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