Best Raspberry Pi Power Supply 2022

MicroUSB power Raspberry Pi
MicroUSB power Raspberry Pi (Image credit: Android Central)

A Raspberry Pi is a delicate electronic instrument and that means you'll definitely need to pair it with the best Raspberry Pi power supply. Usually, you'll find a power supply in the best Raspberry Pi kits, but sometimes you might want to pick up a spare. These power supplies will give your Pi the right amount of clean wholesome electrons so that you can do something really cool with them. Note that each Pi model has different power requirements, so check to make sure you're buying the right thing!

It's important to get the best Raspberry Pi power supply

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It's important to buy the right type of power supply for your Raspberry Pi board. While something like the Raspberry Pi 4 Model B Official PSU isn't going to fit the Micro-USB port on an older model, with adapters and determination anything is possible. The consequences of supplying the wrong power can be dramatic — as in nothing works at all — or sporadic and low voltage can cause unknown errors because the board just doesn't get enough juice.

Those looking for a great charger for older Raspberry Pi models will want to check out the CanaKit Raspberry Pi 3B+ Power Supply. This power supply is verified to work with the Pi 2, Pi 3, and Pi 3B+, while sporting a 5-foot-long cable so you don't have to change your setup. And it's important to make sure that the power supply is rated properly, and that's what you get from CanaKit with this 5V 2.5A rated power supply.

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