Podcast apps for the Samsung Galaxy S6

We're going to help you find the best way to line up podcasts on the Samsung Galaxy S6, clear out the old ones, and keep them coming in the future. Without a native podcatching app, there are plenty of fantastic developers that have stepped up to the plate to get you your shows.

Of course we don't have to remind you to listen in on our most excellent Android Central Podcast, but you're all doing that already, right? None of these apps are exclusive to the Samsung Galaxy S6, but we're hoping to guide those that just picked up the phone. Whatever device you have, these are the best podcatching apps available on Android.

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Pocket Casts

Pocket Casts is a hugely popular podcast player for good reason. You can cloud sync subscriptions to make sure everything is up to date across devices (including PC via web client). Chromecast support helps you enjoy shows through the home sound system. You can stream your shows without taking up room on your device, which is a nice bonus. You can watch video podcasts through the app too, and manage playback with all of the important options, like speed adjustment, sleep timers, and controls via lock screen, home screen widget, notification tray, and Android Wear. It looks super-sharp on both phone and tablet. As icing on the cake, the update changelogs are hilarious. You can snag Pocket Casts at the link below for $3.99.

Download Pocket Casts from the Play Store


BeyondPod brings a lot of great functionality to the table while staying in line with a modern material design. Chromecast support shunts audio out to your big sound system, and all of the key playback controls are available via home screen widget and Android Wear. There's even Tasker integration if you want to automate downloads and playback in a fancy way. BeyondPod boasts a Smart Playlist generator that automatically lines up shows based on your habits. You can try BeyondPod for free for the first week before needing to pay $6.99 for the premium version.

Download BeyondPod from the Play Store

Podcast Addict

Podcast Addict for Android

Podcast Addict offers a full suite of features needed to handle your listening needs. Local downloads and streaming are both available. That includes Android Wear and Chromecast support, themes to change up the app's look, and integration with Tasker and AutomateIt. If you're into supporting your podcasts, it also supports Flattr, whereby you can make donations to your favorite shows through the app. The free version of Podcast Addict is ad-supported, but you can get rid of those with a $3.49 upgrade.

Download Podcast Addict from the Play Store

Player FM

Player FM for Android

Player FM offers a selection of carefully curated podcasts to help you discover shows perfect for your tastes. Chromecast, web player, and Android Wear support allow you to listen in just about any context with utmost convenience. Specific device integration with LG Quick Circle and the Samsung Gear S show distinct care on the developer's part. Streaming and local downloading are both options for listening. The major selling point for Player FM is that it's free up to 20 subscriptions, with no ads. Eventually a premium upgrade will let you subscribe to more than that.

Download Player FM from the Play Store

Stitcher Radio

Stitcher for Android

Stitcher Radio is an app that lets you assemble your favorite podcasts together in custom playlists. New shows are suggested based on those playlists, or you can browse a broad catalog, or get the latest episodes with a curated front page. Stitcher lets you mark shows for "listen later" which is a simple way of saying the episodes are downloaded locally rather than streamed.

Download Stitcher Radio from the Play Store

Your picks?

There are plenty more podcast apps available for the Samsung Galaxy S6 out there. Sing out in the comments with your favorites!