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While OnePlus phone in previous years had to wait weeks for viable name-brand cases to arrive, the OnePlus 9 Pro has ample selection right out of the gate, with major brands like Caseology, Otterbox, and Ringke all offering up great cases at a variety of price points. So if you're grabbing a OnePlus 9 Pro, we've rounded up the best cases available — because really, your shiny new flagship deserves nothing but the best.

Ringke OnePlus 9 Pro Case Black

Clearly rugged: Ringke Fusion-X

Staff Pick

Just as Ringke made its most popular case for previous generations of OnePlus phones, the OnePlus 9 Pro is getting the Fusion-X, a durable clear case with robust air cushions inside the bumper and hard plastic back that allows you to show off that Pine Green or Morning Mist silver.

Caseology Parallax OnePlus 9 Pro Blue

Sleek texturing: Caseology Parallax

The Midnight Blue version of the Parallax could make for some striking contrast with the colors on the OnePlus 9 Pro via the camera module. The rest of the phone is then covered by a two-layered case with air cushioning and deep texturing across the back that uses a cubist design to seem deeper than it is.

From $15 at Amazon
OnePlus 9 Pro Sandstone Case

Classic OnePlus style: OnePlus Sandstone Cover

There are few things more iconic than the Sandstone case for OnePlus phones. OnePlus might not put this texture on its phones anymore. Still, at least we can get that uniquely grippy texture in a wonderfully contoured case that's color-matched to perfectly accent the 9 Pro's Morning Mist color.

Anccer Ultra Thin OnePlus 9 Pro Blue

Need more color?: Anccer Ultra Thin

If you just want scratch protection and a heaping helping of bold color, Anccer has you and your OnePlus 9 Pro covered. This will keep your OnePlus 9 Pro from getting any bulkier, but it will keep the back and sides of your phone safe from scratched, scuffs, and slight cracks, but don't expect it to hold up to harsh drops.

$12 at Amazon
Tudia Merge Series OnePlus 9 Pro Pink

Make it an old-fashioned: Tudia Merge Series

Tudia's Merge Series is the embodiment of the phrase "if it ain't broke, don't fix it." Available in four two-tone color schemes, this classic OnePlus 9 Pro case combines a squishy silicone inner sleeve with a hard plastic shell that snaps over the back and adds some structure and color, as well as a better surface for Popsockets.

$13 at Amazon
Spigen Liquid Air OnePlus 9 Pro Case

Hold on tight: Spigen Liquid Air

Liquid Air is one of my favorite case series on the market, and I'm so pleased to see it available for the OnePlus 9 Pro. Unlike most thinner silicone cases, the Liquid Air's texture keeps it from being a dust-magnet or smudge-prone, while still being perfectly grippy in the hand.

$14 at Amazon
OnePlus Unique Bumper Oneplus 9 Pro Case

Everybody do the robot!: OnePlus 9 Pro Unique Bumper Case

OnePlus went above and beyond the usual Sandstone and Karbon carbon fiber and gave us something truly unique. It's not quite Han Solo in carbonite, but this sculpted-base case definitely has a one-of-a-kind feel in hand thanks to its medium electroplating. It's retro-futuristic in the best way.

$40 at OnePlus
OtterBox Symmetry OnePlus 9 Pro Case

Show it all off: Otterbox Symmetry Series for OnePlus 9 Pro

This case will run you more than most on this list, but OtterBox is the Kleenex of the case world for a reason: its cases know how to take a beating. While most Symmetry Series cases are solid-color affairs, I'm happy that we're getting a clear Symmetry for the OnePlus 9 Pro so we can show off that sexy Pine Green.

Feitenn Silicone Case Oneplus 9 Pro Green

Easy on, easy grip: Feitenn Liquid Silicone

This case goes a step above the normal flexible TPU cases in that it has a microfiber lining, which helps you avoid scratches on your phone from the case itself (or any dust/sand that sneaks inside) rubbing against the back and sides of the phone. The mint green looks nice and soothing, but there's also a nice serene blue and black.

$9 at Amazon
Poetic Spartan Case Oneplus 9 Pro Silver

Premium productivity and protection: Poetic Spartan Case

Poetic's cases for the OnePlus 9 series give you high-quality protection without making you shell out big bucks like OtterBox or UAG, and the Poetic Spartan, in particular, is like if a leather case and a heavy-duty case had a baby. It feels solid and sublime in hand, and the kickstand works in both portrait and landscape. Four colors are available.

From $17 at Amazon
Ainoya Clear Case OnePlus 9 Pro

Barely there: AINOYA Crystal Clear

While the Ringke and Otterbox are clear, they're thicker and will add a little bit of bulk to the OnePlus 9 Pro, while this thin clear case by AINOYA aims to keep your phone as lithe as a 6.7-inch phone can possibly be. There are still some very slim air cushions in the corners, but this clear case prioritizes grip and scratch protection over impact protection.

$5 at Amazon
Kowauri Leather Wallet Oneplus 9 Pro Case

Carry everything: Kowauri Leather Wallet

If you're going to carry around a phone as big as the OnePlus 9 Pro, you might as well grab a wallet case that lets you condense it down into one item to grab when you leave the house instead of two. This leather folio lets you carry two cards plus cash, and there are five color options from wine red to teal blue and shades of brown.

$11 at Amazon

The best OnePlus 9 Pro cases protect your investment

In previous years, OnePlus would put out multiple flagships in a year — which divided accessory makers' interest and led to fewer case options — but like last year, the OnePlus 9 Pro will be the one true OnePlus flagship for the year, and this means that we're getting plenty of name-brand case options for the 9 Pro, especially more protective and rugged cases. Considering the OnePlus 9 Pro's price tag, this makes all the sense in the world as nothing can turn that investment to ruin faster than a bad drop that leaves the screen shattered or the cameras cracked.

I'm especially a fan of the Ringke Fusion-X, which strikes a balance between a nicely protective bumper and still allowing the design and the hues of the OnePlus 9 Pro to shine through. I know the design is somewhat divisive — I love it, many hate it — but you can't deny the blend is striking, and the price is quite affordable. If you want durability but don't want such an aggressive look, both the Caseology Parallax and the Poetic Spartan are excellent options.

While you're looking at cases, keep in mind that you'll want to avoid overly thick cases, especially if you want to take advantage of the 50W wireless charging on the OnePlus 9 Pro. The thicker a case is, the more chance there is that the wireless charger won't work — or at least won't charge at full speed. Also, make sure to guard the front of your OnePlus 9 Pro by grabbing a great screen protector, too!

If you're grabbing the smaller OnePlus 9, those cases are likewise smaller but there are still great options.

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