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The OnePlus 9 is shaping up to be one of the best Android phones of 2021, and while the 9 Pro steals the spotlight with that 50W wireless charging and its extra fanciness, the OnePlus 9 is no slouch, inside or out. While the Arctic Mist and Winter Mist colors are so pretty to show off, your new phone deserves the best OnePlus 9 case you can find — and we've got the best you can buy today right here for you.

Caseology Parallax Oneplus 9 Ash

Mesmerizing grip: Caseology Parallax

Caseology's hybrid case may be a hair slippier on the sides, but the cubist texture across the back adds grip as well as style. There's only Ash Gray and Midnight Blue options this generation, but they'll play well with the OnePlus 9's colorways.

$15 at Amazon
OnePlus 9 Sandstone Case Black

First-party feel: OnePlus Sandstone Cover

For OnePlus fans, there are few cases as beloved as the Sandstone Cover, adding grip to the slippery back of your OnePlus 9 while harkening back to OnePlus' early days. In previous years, it got fun colors like Purple and Aquamarine to match its outlandish colors, but this year we only get black.

Poetic Spartan Series OnePlus 9 Case

Let's kick it: Poetic Spartan Series

Truly heavy duty cases for the OnePlus 9 have been slower to arrive than the normal thin and medium cases, but that's okay because the Poetic Spartan Series was worth waiting for. This ruggedly handsome case sports leather-textured accents and a robust kickstand that works in landscape and vertical.

$22 at Amazon
Anccer Ultra Thin OnePlus 9 Case

Just a pop of color: Anccer Colorful Series

While this ultra thin case won't give your OnePlus 9 much in the way of drop protection, it will add grip, scratch protection, and some bold, bold color. If you're annoyed at the general lack of color options among the OnePlus 9 and its cases, Anccer has you covered in pink, green, and blue.

$12 at Amazon
Spigen Liquid Air Oneplus 9 Case

Slim, but not slick: Spigen Liquid Air

The Liquid Air's unique texturing across the back and sides allow you to grip your OnePlus 9 securely while avoiding the dust-magnet or smudge-prone finishes that many flexible TPU cases end up with. This lightweight case keeps your phone understated and unblemished.

$15 at Amazon
Tudia Merge Series for OnePlus 9 in Slate

Can't beat the classics: Tudia Merge Series

While OnePlus phone might not traditionally draw as many name-brand cases as Samsung or Google, Tudia's Merge Series has never let OnePlus users down. The classic two-part case comes in four colors and offers cushioned corners to help guard against shatters.

$15 at Amazon
Otterbox Symmetry Oneplus 9 Case

Clearly guarded: OtterBox Symmetry Series for OnePlus 9

If OtterBox is only bringing one case to the OnePlus 9, I'm glad it's the Symmetry Series. It's only one piece instead of the multi-stage rocket-science involved with the Defender Series, as a clear case, it'll show off that fabulous lilac color perfectly.

AIORIA Leather Pu Oneplus 9 Case Colors

Leather-like texturing: AIORIA PU Leather Cover

No, this isn't real leather, but I actually prefer that on this style of case as it's less likely to fray or tear around the edges. Available in four colors, these faux leather cases give your OnePlus 9 a premium look without a premium price.

$15 at Amazon
Qitayo Clear Case Bundle for OnePlus 9

All in one: QITAYO Clear Case with Screen Protectors

You might forget this case is even on your phone if not for the added grip this crystal clear case provides. As if a good clear case wasn't enough, this bundle also includes two tempered glass screen protectors to guard the touchscreen, too.

$11 at Amazon
Luibor Silicone Case OnePlus 9 Black

Slim grip for less: Lubilor Frosted Black Silicone

Thermoplastic polyurethane makes for a flexible, lightweight case that can still offer excellent grip outside and air cushioning grooves on the inside. I dig the diamond pattern used here over the usual carbon fiber accenting, and the side grip is robust.

$9 at Amazon
Foluu Flip Folio Oneplus 9 Case

Carry everything: Foluu Flip Folio

Why carry both a phone and a wallet everywhere when you can combine both into one portable profile? Foluu's soft-textured folio wallet case has room for three credit cards plus cash, and the magnetic clasp ensures it says safely shut.

$11 at Amazon
Spigen Ultra Hybrid Oneplus 9 Case

Clearly tough: Spigen Ultra Hybrid

Spigen's clear case here isn't as dainty as the usual Liquid Crystal, but that means we get better corner cushioning and we hide all those unsightly joints and seams under that matte black frame. We might not have gotten a matte black OnePlus 9, but at least we can get the bumper.

$15 at Amazon

The OnePlus 9 has a better case selection than ever

In previous years, the name-brand case offerings for OnePlus flagships have always been lackluster. When OnePlus put out two flagship phones a year, that meant that the window where each model — and its accompanying accessories — was shorter, but now OnePlus seems to have settled on having one major flagship release each spring and an iterative mid-range release in the fall. This, paired with the ever-growing popularity of OnePlus phones worldwide has helped incentivize accessory makers to get their OnePlus cases out at launch rather than waiting weeks to see which model is more popular.

This means that this year, the OnePlus 9 has great name-brand options like the Caseology Parallax available right at launch, and the Parallax is one of my favorite third-party cases because of the distinctive styling and the affordable price tag it offers. I was hoping we'd get a nice Purple-ish option like the Galaxy S21 case got, but the Midnight Blue will make the light purple on the OnePlus 9's camera module absolutely pop.

Another name-brand case worth investing in is the OtterBox Symmetry Series. The durable clear case options are still a bit limited right now, but OtterBox's Symmetry allows you to show off that wonderful color while also getting the benefit of OtterBox's legendary durability. It's one of the more expensive cases for the OnePlus 9 right now, but you pay for that sterling reputation.

There will be more cases coming in the next few weeks, but right now, it's nice to have great options right out of the gate. Make sure that while you're grabbing a case, you're getting a screen protector for that beautiful, butter-smooth screen.

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