Best OnePlus 8 Pro Wireless Chargers Android Central 2021

After years and years of wishing and begging, OnePlus answered our prayers and finally put wireless charging into one of its phones. Not only can you wirelessly charge the OnePlus 8 Pro at almost the same speed as its wired chargers, but OnePlus also made sure its latest flagship was compatible with the standard Qi profile, so you aren't entirely reliant on first-party wireless chargers. Here are the best ones to grab for speed, value, and reliability.

Top speed: OnePlus Warp Charge 30W Wireless Charger

Staff pick

To get 30W wireless charging, you'll need to buy OnePlus's wireless charger, which is bright white with some lovely silver accenting around the side. As a stand, this is perfect for your office desk or in the kitchen when you're constantly checking it for that new recipe.

$70 at OnePlus

Integrated charger: Anker PowerWave II Stand

Anker sells a wide, wide array of wireless chargers, but most of them either don't come with an AC charger or use old, outdated micro-USB. This one has an integrated wall plug and should charge the 8 Pro at 10W.

$40 at Amazon

Affordably futureproof: Yootech 15W Metal Fast Wireless Charging Pad

This charger might not come with a wall charger, but since it can use either USB-C or Qualcomm QuickCharge, you can use whatever charger you have lying around. This charger supports 15W charging, but don't expect more than 10W with the 8 Pro.

Convertible charger: Spigen SteadiBoost

Can't decide between a flat charging pad and a raised stand? Spigen lets you get both with this hinged wireless charger. Just keep in mind you'll need a QuickCharge charger to power it since Spigen doesn't put one in the box.

$30 at Amazon

Sweet look: Anker PowerWave 15 Pad

This metal-rimmed wireless charging pad from Anker has a sweet look to it, and a smaller profile so that it shouldn't take up too much space on your coffee table or nightstand. An AC adapter is not included.

$40 at Amazon

Extra style: Native Union Drop

Are you tired of dull plastic chargers? Native Union is, too, so they covered this one with vibrant fabrics and non-slip textures. It also uses Power Delivery or Qualcomm QuickCharge so you can power it with whatever's handy.

$50 at Amazon

What's the best OnePlus 8 Pro charger?

OnePlus is touting the 30W wireless charging on the new OnePlus 8 Pro — and it's a real accomplishment to get that working without severely overheating the phone or hurting the phone's battery long-term — but it's a proprietary charging spec, so you'll only get those super-fast speeds on the OnePlus Warp Charge 30W Wireless Charger, which is pricey and is permanently attached to its AC adapter by a cable that's only 3 feet, meaning it can't squeeze through the cable holes in most office desks and may be too short to reach from the wall to a standing desk.

If you prefer a more adaptable wireless charger, you'll have to settle for 10W wireless speeds, which is what most other phones get these days. I'm a fan of the Spigen SteadiBoost Flex because I can use it as a stand or a flat pad depending on what I'm doing — or if my current case has a PopSocket base that gets more finicky with Qi chargers.

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