Best OnePlus 7 Cases Android Central 2021

The OnePlus did a great job releasing a phone that kept the same sleek design as its predecessor with an impressive spec bump with the OnePlus 7. The handset is still gorgeous, even faster, and gives you everything you could want in a smartphone. However, you'll want to keep this phone protected, and we have found the best cases for you.

Customized protection: dbrand Grip

Staff pick

Dbrand is extremely well-known for its variety of skins for a myriad of devices, but the company has recently released its first case. The Dbrand Grip offers a low-profile, tactile buttons, and ability to customize the case with the skins that you know and love.

$30 at dbrand

Slim and rugged: TUDIA Merge Slim Case

TUDIA's Merge Slim case is fantastic thanks to its slim design. With the hard polycarbonate outer shell and soft TPU inner shell, this case offers some of the best protection. You won't have to worry about your phone meeting certain disaster if it falls out of your hands.

$11 at Amazon

Barely there: Tianyd Ultra-Thin Cover

With a phone as sleek as the OnePlus 7, chances are you don't really want to add too much additional bulk to it. That's where the Tianyd Ultra-Thin cover comes into play. It will help keep your phone protected while maintaining a low-profile.

$12 at Amazon

Flexible clarity: SUPCASE Unicorn Beetle

OnePlus does a fantastic job at making eye-catching devices, so why would you not want to be able to show it off? The SUPCASE Unicorn Beetle makes it possible to show off the OnePlus 7 with its transparent back, while offering protection from daily wear and tear.

$13 at Amazon

See everything: AVIDET Clear Soft Cover

If you want to be able to throw a simple case on your phone without adding too much bulk, then the AVIDET Clear Cover is perfect. This see-thru case is made from a soft TPU material and is lightweight. Plus, it's protective enough to get you through the day.

$7 at Amazon

Fashion and function: REAL-EAGLE Leather Case

While leather cases have been popular for quite a while, wallet cases seem to be making a comeback, and the REAL-EAGLE case combines both of those into one. This case sports a magnetic closure to keep the front flap from unexpectedly opening, along with a card slot and the option to use it as a kickstand.

$15 at Amazon

Two birds, one stone: Sunnyw Ultra-Thin TPU Case

What's awesome with some case makers is that they include a screen protector with the case, and that's what Sunnyw does with its Ultra-Thin TPU case. Along with sporting a unique twill pattern on the back, this case comes with precise cutouts and the company also includes a 9H tempered glass screen protector.

$10 at Amazon

Show off your personality: Topnow Flowering Patter Cover

There aren't too many cases out there that allow you to show off a bit more of your personality. Topnow helps to change that with its array of five different pattern cases, ranging from a "Colorful Pineapple" to "Cactus Plexus" and a more.

$6 at Amazon

Our favorite cases

Picking a "favorite" case can be tough sometimes, but when it comes to the OnePlus 7, the clear cut for us is the Dbrand Grip case. Not only are you getting a case from a brand that you know and trust, but the ability to customize it with any of those popular skins makes this an instant winner.

If you want a more traditional case with a decent amount of protection, then we would recommend that you check out the TUDIA Merge. The case comes in two pieces with a hard outer shell and a soft inner-shell offering the perfect amount of protection without all of the unnecessary bulk.

Our final pick out of the lot would be the REAL-EAGLE Leather Wallet Case since it comes in a few different color options, while also including a card slot for your credit card or some cash. Plus, you can fold it up into a kickstand so that you can catch up on your favorite TV show or podcast on your lunch break.

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