Best Moto G Power (2021) Screen Protectors 2022

Moto G Power 2021 Lifestyle
Moto G Power 2021 Lifestyle (Image credit: Joe Maring / Android Central)

Among several new smartphones Motorola has introduced in 2021 is the Moto G Power (2021), a follow-up to the 2020 edition of the same phone. Similar in design to its predecessor, one of the most notable changes to the affordable device is that it has a slightly larger screen at 6.6-inches versus 6.4. That means whether you're upgrading from last year's model or picking up one of these babies anew, you'll need a new protective case as well as a screen protector. When it comes to the latter, here are the best Moto G Power (2021) screen protectors you can buy.

Protecting your Motorola Moto G Power (2021)

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While the first thing everyone usually gets for a new smartphone is often a protective case, the screen protector shouldn't be forgotten in the process. Sure, some protective cases, especially heavy-duty rugged ones, come with a screen protector in the package. But not all of them. And even so, it's a good idea to upgrade to something of higher quality.

Supershieldz has a wide range of options to meet every need, but when it comes to top-notch protection, it's always a good idea to go with tempered glass to sufficiently protect your screen against accidental drops and bumps. The SuperShieldz Tempered Glass – 2 pack is a solid option so you're not paying for more than you need but you'll get good protection.

Some people, however, don't like tempered glass, for whatever reason. In this case, options like the Supershieldz Clear Shield PET or the Supershieldz Matte Shield might be more appealing.

For those who have a lot of trouble applying screen protectors, even seemingly easier to apply ones like tempered glass, it might be worth paying the few extra bucks to get the LK Tempered Glass that comes with the installation tray to assist in the application process.

Just be sure that when selecting among the best screen protectors for the Moto G Power (2021), you opt for a case that will fit the new version of the phone with a larger 6.6-inch screen, not the 2020 version of the Moto G Power that has a smaller 6.4-inch screen.

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