Best Moto G Power cases 2024

Looking for one of the best Moto G Power cases around to protect your phone? Well, this is the right place, and not just for the latest 2022 version. We've also picked out a few favorite cases from the older 2021 and 2020 releases too. So if you're still getting by with one of those, putting a few bucks aside for a case will prolong the phone's life even longer. 

The G Power series seems to be slipping of late and isn't particularly high on our list of the very best Motorola phones out there. If you are looking for an upgrade on a budget, be sure to check out the best cheap Android phones in general too.

Best Moto G Power (2022) cases

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Best Moto G Power (2021) cases

Best Moto G Power (2020) cases

Deck out your Moto G Power with the right case

You've got a nice assortment of Moto G Power cases to choose from in this roundup. We've gone through everything out there and these are your best options. Make sure your choice isn't just easy on the eyes, but that it also provides the protection you need.

Overall, our top pick is the propriety Motorola cover for the Moto G Power (2022). It comes in some unique shades like the jade green option called Emerald and a sweet melon tone called Coral. Beyond its good looks, other plus points of the Motorola case include its durability and lightweight nature.

If the plain, single-color design across the entire cover bores you, you could choose something with a mix of textures. Caseology Parallax and BNIUT are both good options in that area. Alternatively, you could spice things up and get a contrasting phone grip from PopSocket. It will spruce up the monochrome Motorola case and add an extra layer of defense for your Moto G Power.

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